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Big data booms, artificial intelligence excels during pandemic

Turkey’s Health Ministry announces data on the COVID-19 outbreak on a daily basis. Countries around the world impose travel bans and restrictions based on relevant information. Here, big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology come to the fore to identify infected people.

Again, even if people are unable to travel, the internet of things (IoT), big data and AI come into play regarding the increasing need for logistics, from vaccines to food.

The culture of thinking and doing business over data is rapidly getting more widespread. In this trend, technology startups and acceleration programs take the stage.

In many acceleration programs, startups are learning to develop their global business muscles as well as their global technology expertise. Experienced technoparks lead the way in software exports. While gaming startups stood out in this period, many of them continued to be a source of pride with their sales.

Export gate: Innogate

Innogate, an international acceleration program carried out within Istanbul Technical University (ITÜ) ARI Teknokent, Turkey’s innovation base, continues to direct technology companies to export in the new period.

During the first five-week phase of the program, the startups in Innogate’s latest term received training on strategy determination and preparation for opening a new market. Since 2014, the program has helped 192 companies quadruple their export revenues.

Turkey’s prominent technology companies that are included in the 14th term of the program are now gearing up for the export move. They seek to increase their market share by earning foreign currency income.

The startups met online with potential business partners and investors in the U.S. and European markets, in addition to their eight-week training and consultancy. They got to closely know the global market through seminars, mentoring meetings, business development and market coaching sessions.

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Target: U.S. and Europe

In addition, companies have been provided with consultancy on business model canvas, market analysis, value proposition, customer segmentation, marketing and sales strategies, growth and scaling.

Mobilgi, Navatom, Organon Analytics, Sparkus, Turboard, EyeCheckup, Venuex, Wipelot and Xentron all participated in the program’s post-preparatory market entry process called Innogate Online Connect. They came together on the internet with potential business partners and investors in the U.S. and European markets throughout December.

During the pandemic, the program was carried out in two stages: Innogate Online and Innogate Online Connect. With Innogate Online, technology companies are provided with support for strategy determination and preparation during the phase of opening to a new market, while companies ready to go global with Innogate Online Connect are provided with ways to reach potential customers and business partners.

Turning data into value

Mobilgi, which is among the companies participating in the Innogate Online Connect program, develops corporate solutions using mobile applications and internet technologies and provides process management, data collection, analysis and reporting services to sectors such as banking, retail, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and logistics with its form optimization technology based on open systems.

Another attendee, Navatom, develops cloud-based web software for ship operators based on the software needs of ships.

Organon Analytics reveals the true value of data by accelerating and automating machine learning and AI processes, leading to time-saving and an increase in profitability.

Turboard Business Intelligence and Analytics enables organizations to manage their data-driven strategies, capture valuable insights and make future predictions.

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Retail experience goes digital

VenueX offers an integrated platform where physical retailers and commercial real estate can move their indoor maps, business points of interest (POIs) and in-store inventory to digital platforms to increase customer traffic and sales.

Wipelot, on the other hand, offers a real-time geolocation system solution that meets all instant data collection needs on a single platform. It is 100% domestic and carries out different projects and products in the field of Industry 4.0, IoT, radio-frequency identification (RFI), mobile technologies and communication technologies.

Another company participating in the program, Xentron, is offering its end-to-end Smart and Connected Vehicle Platform to the automotive ecosystem to process the data they collect from vehicles and drivers. The startup is aiming to reach the overseas market with its Xencheck products, with which they digitize their service processes. The company collects the diagnostic data of 3,000 vehicles a day to help ensure the right repair the first time a car or truck is serviced.


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