BGMI tips and tricks: How to survive in an intense battle and secure victory smartly

BGMI tips and tricks: Are you in search of an interesting warzone game? Then look no further, because Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the best games in India. BGMI is known for its intense battles, variety of maps, choices of weapons, rewards, themes, and much more, which is enough to attract players and keep them hooked. In case you are new to BGMI, you will find the most intense battles and fights, keeping you glued to your smartphone for hours.

However, winning an intense battle is not as easy as it seems because one mistake can cost you your whole squad, so what do we do in such fights? Note that players need to make each move smartly to outplay the opponent team. Check out the BGMI tips and tricks on how you can win intense battles smartly and win an easy chicken dinner.

BGMI tips and tricks to survive intense battles

  • While you end up in an intense fight, make sure you stay with your squad and avoid going separately as enemies can come from any direction. Stay still and wait for the enemy team to make the first move so you can act accordingly.
  • As soon as you encounter enemies, start hip firing, this will help you and your team to get a greater edge and you might also knock a few players in the process. This will showcase you as a strong team and you can tackle the game swiftly, as soon as you knock a few enemies.

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  • If you are in a car, make sure to use it smarty. Your car can be a great cover or a hiding spot from where you can take a peak and kill enemies. Additionally, with the car, you can also avoid any intense battle by moving fast if you want to stay longer in the game.
  • In an intense battle, positioning is the most crucial BGMI trick which a player should master. Make sure that you study the map thoroughly to decide your position for the game. You must stay inside the circle and stay in higher ridges to spot enemies easily. Also, this will give a greater advantage in preparing a strategy for winning a chicken dinner.

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  • Lastly, make sure you and your teammates have enough loot to manage any situation. Carry enough ammo and attachments for your weapon, make you have plenty of health and medical kits along with energy drinks and painkillers so you can manage your health in the game accordingly.

Follow the above BGMI tips and tricks to master the gameplay and survive the intense battles smartly with your squad. Note that one requires a lot of practice to master the BGMI gameplay, therefore, keep practising to improve your skills and become a pro player. Learning such smart moves will quickly help you understand how the actual warzone functions.

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