BGMI tips and tricks: Elevate your game with pro vehicle strategies

Are you a seasoned player of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)? How proficient are you in leveraging vehicles to gain a strategic advantage? Unlock the potential of vehicles in BGMI, as they can be more than just a mode of transportation. Discover professional tips that can tilt the odds in your favour and familiarise yourself with the diverse range of vehicles available. Check out these BGMI tips and tricks below:

Vehicles transcend mere mobility; they serve as exceptional hiding spots and covers too. Challenge the conventional notion that vehicles are only for traversing the terrain. They can be invaluable, especially during the endgame circles. Let’s acquaint you with the various vehicles and elevate your status to a BGMI maestro. Also read: BGMI: Easy tips to outsmart opponents and claim the chicken dinner

List Of BGMI Vehicles: Unleashing the Power

1. UAZ (Jeep): A robust four-wheeler, ideal for a full squad. Opt for the variant with a solid roof for enhanced protection.

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2. Coupe RB: A nimble two-seater sedan, among the fastest vehicles scattered across the game.

3. Dacia: The classic four-seater sedan, slightly slower than the Coupe RB.

4. Buggy: A reliable two-seater vehicle, distinct from cars and Jeeps.

Pro Tips for Four-Wheelers (UAZ, Dacia, Coupe RB): Maximising Your Advantage

  • Smart Cover Usage: When unseen by enemies, use vehicles as cover in ‘Peek’ mode for swift and discreet eliminations. Limit this tactic to avoid revealing your location.
  • Prone Ambush: Take cover behind a vehicle, go prone, aim at the enemy’s feet, and unleash a spray of bullets for a surprise attack.
  • Strategic Parking: In open spaces during the closing circle, sit in the back seat of a car, positioned with 60-70% inside the safe zone and 30-40% in the blue zone. This unconventional parking may go unnoticed by adversaries.
  • Boosted Assault: While rushing an opponent, engage full boost as you approach. Swiftly switch seats when in range and unleash a barrage of shots, turning your vehicle into a lethal weapon.

Elevate your BGMI gameplay with these advanced vehicle strategies, transforming you into a formidable force on the battlegrounds.


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