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One benchmark of successful companies is that they have had the privilege to be showcased on a platform that promotes them globally. Founders’ Club, a private membership club for revolutionary startups working in the Artificial Intelligence industry is one such platform. With Artificial Intelligence affecting human life in the 21st century and finding applications in virtually every field, startups focusing on AI technology have the potential to become global leaders.

Founders’ Club experts hand-pick and mentor these budding startups into becoming multi-billion success stories.  It offers membership to companies working on cutting-edge products and solutions using AI which can solve some of the biggest challenges faced by mankind today. 

As a promising entrepreneur, an innovator, or startup founder, one can join this unique and exclusive program. Founder Club provides members of international business development opportunities and a chance to interact with like-minded businessmen from different industries. The exclusive club helps facilitate networking opportunities, connections and much more. Members also get to be mentored by some of the most well-known VC’s from around the globe with the goal to secure much-needed funding. 

Helping you soar – the Founders’ Club advantage

The advantages of joining Founders’ Club are manifold. It will help expand the network and find 3 to 5 mentors best suited to your needs. These mentors will help with product development; market fit and also provide valuable introductions to help grow the company quickly.

The young entrepreneurs and innovators will get to work with Managing Director, gain traction and meet milestones – whether it’s a prototype, building out the next phase of your product, finding your first customer or hitting key revenue goals.

The members will get an opportunity to accelerate their business. They can determine their fundraising strategy and prepare to meet with investors. Members shall be trained to communicate their vision and prepare to meet with investors, partners and other key stakeholders who can help shape their future.

Thanks to the club’s massive network, startups can build relationships and partnerships that wouldn’t be possible at their stage. The exclusive network will provide guidance and support to resolve several issues. 

Members will find unlimited options for ad-hoc support such as sharing the buyer’s list, connections, etc.  The club also entertains unlimited requests of custom-written press pitches and PR campaigns run by the club’s team of PR experts. The program culminates with a celebration at Demo Day which gives members a chance to show the world how much progress they’ve made in a matter of few months. 

The beSUCCESS benefit

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Tech startup media group beSUCCESS has established itself as a pioneer media group in Korea and Asia. In the last 9 years, beSUCCESS has worked with more than 10,000 entrepreneurs in Asia and helped them embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.  beSUCCESS Media Group not only provides direct and indirect information to expand the insights of domestic start-ups such as tech trends, startup news, and entrepreneurship around the world (including Silicon Valley), but also introduces Asia’s startup ecosystem and news in English to the rest of the world to support the global success of Asian startup ecosystem. The company also runs and, the English news site about Korean and Asian startups for global readers. Additionally, beSUCCESS Media Group recently launched the news aggregation site called to bring more value to the Korean readers.

Member startups of Founders’ Club will get unlimited access to beSUCCESS Media Group Industry Expert Connections. They will have access to all exclusive articles of AsiaTechDaily about Investors’ insights and founders’ startup growth experiences. Members shall be able to access all exclusive webinars of AsiaTechDaily about education series for product’s growth. Club members shall have a unique identification, and a project brief displayed on AsiaTechDaily website.

Members will attend social gatherings where beSUCCESS connections (VCs, Corporates, Governments, Startups, Foundations, etc.) meet each other in a private event and network

Success stories to inspire

  • Global Brain VC invested in Korean Moblie analytic company, 5Rocks (2013) Acquired by Tapjoy (2014)
  • Strong Ventures invested in Korean bitcoin exchange, Korbit (2014) Acquired by Nexon (2017)
  • 500 Startups invested in Mykoon (2014) Mykoon pivoted the product into the internet-radio service Spoon Radio and has raised a $17m funding round (2018)
  • Bluepoint Partners invested in subscription service providing dog product, Bacon Box (2018)
  • Silicon Valley angel investor invested in visual collaboration service, Beecanvas (2019)
  • Sparklabs invested in IoT radar technology, Bitsensing (2019)
  • Sparklabs Ventures, TBT and Bon Angels invested in Taxi ride-sharing service, Banban Taxi (2019)
  • The published article from KoreaTechDesk about Korean art-blockchain project ARTBLOC has been successfully spread around the globe. Over 20 international publications wrote about ARTBLOC and over 300 times twitter mentions (2019).

To ensure the exclusivity of the club, only 10 memberships are open for this period. The membership service is valid for one year. After the registration succeeds, the Founders’ Club team reviews it within 7 working days and posts the approval to the applicant.



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