Best Slingo Slots Games

Best Slingo Slots Games

The gambling industry has consistently proven itself to be a highly innovative force, however over the last couple of decades we have really seen how much of a profound impact innovation can have on the market – play Slingo free today. Online slots, for example, have completely and utterly revolutionised the way that many of us like to gamble, and they were also instrumental in ushering in a new era of online casino, being one of the first online gambling games that people started to widely play. 

Indeed, without the online slot developers like NetEnt, Microgaming and Blueprint Gaming putting in incredibly important work in the field of online slots we wouldn’t have nearly as many top-tier slot games as we have today. There are other people doing great work in the field of online casino too, however, and one of them is slingo, a company that delivers a fascinating gambling fusion. Keep reading for more, and also a rundown of the best slingo slots games. 

A Lowdown on Slingo Slot Games 

First and foremost, let’s give a lowdown on what slingo slot games are, because although they are quickly getting more popular, there will still be quite a few people who don’t really have any idea what slingo slot games are. In essence, slingo is a fusion between online slots and bingo, and they work using the standard slots reels, but also include bingo scorecards underneath. 

Players have to spin the reels, and then hope that the numbers appearing correspond to what they have on their bingo scorecard found below the reels. Slingo was created by the UK based company Slingo, and the idea has actually been around since the mid 90s. It is only recently that slingo games are taking off, however, mainly because of technological constraints. 

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The Best Slingo Slots Games 

Right then, that’s enough about slingo slot games themselves, let’s get into the best slingo slot games: 

  • Slingo Rainbow Riches: If there was going to be an online slot that got the Slingo treatment it has to be Rainbow Riches, as these slots are by far the most iconic to ever hit the slot gambling world. All the classic parts of your favourite Rainbow Riches slots are here, however it has also been injected with a bit of classic Slingo fun. A maximum multiplier of 1000x is devilishly exciting and could result in some seriously large wins.
  • Slingo Monopoly: There are very few board games that are as well played as Monopoly, so it is no surprise that Slingo Monopoly is a thing. Instead of spinning the reels here, players roll a dice, which is an interesting adaptation of the classic game mechanic.
  • Slingo Fluffy Favourites: Eyecon’s Fluffy Favourites is an online slot game that most serious slot gamblers will have played at least once, earning a cult-like status for its wonderfully nostalgic aesthetic, as well as its lucrative jackpots. Slingo Fluffy Favourites keeps the amazing atmosphere of the original but injects it with some Slingo excitement.

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