Best Galaxy Z Flip 5 deals: Get up to £600 off and FREE Disney+

best galaxy z flip 5 deals

Best Galaxy Z Flip 5 deals: Samsung has launched huge discounts ahead of release (Image: SAMSUNG • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS )

Searching for the best Galaxy Z Flip 5 deals in the UK? Following its release on August 11, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is available to buy from online and high street stores, as well as mobile networks, like Vodafone, EE, Sky Mobile, O2, and Three.

No matter where you decide to make your purchase, Galaxy Z Flip 5 owners will be able to claim a free annual subscription to Disney+ worth £79.90. You’ll be able to stream exclusive boxsets like Marvel Secret Invasion, Star Wars: Ahsoka, Only Murders In The Building, Grey’s Anatomy, The Bear, and more on your Flip 5 …as well as any other devices with a Disney+ app. Once you’ve made your purchase, it’s simply a case of redeeming the offer from Samsung.

There are a dizzying number of Galaxy Z Flip 5 deals around right now, but we’d recommend ordering from the Samsung store. 

That’s because the South Korean brand has exclusive colours and just supercharged its trade-in offers, with discounts of up to £560 available on the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Of course, the exact discount depends on the model and make of the handset you’re handing over. But Samsung will guarantee £200 off its flagship foldable when you trade in any phone in any condition – yes, even a broken Nokia 3310 found on a dusty shelf at the back of your garage will drop the cost of the Flip 5 down to £849.

That’s an incredible saving on one of the latest flagship handsets from Samsung.

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Samsung Widgets On Flex Window Test

If you do decide to take advantage of the boosted trade-in values, Samsung will immediately discount the new Galaxy Z Flip 5 during the checkout process, which means there’s no awkward or time-consuming refund process to go through (unlike some rival retailers).

You’ll need to send off your trade-in device within 7 days using the freepost packaging provided by Samsung, but with next-day delivery available on its handsets you should have plenty of time to transfer your apps, photos, and contacts between phones and make sure you haven’t lost any data.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 was announced alongside a slew of new gadgets at the latest Galaxy Unpacked keynote. Looking for the ? We’ve put together the latest discounts in a separate guide, as well as the . If can’t decide between the latest devices in the Galaxy Z lineup, our in-depth Galaxy Z Fold 5 review should help.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best Galaxy Z Flip 5 deals available today.

best galaxy z flip 5 deals cameras

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 comes equipped with the same dual-camera system as last year (Image: SAMSUNG)

Galaxy Z Flip 5 price

With the arrival of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung increased the cost of its foldable phones in the UK.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 starts from £1,049 for the 256GB model, rising to £1,149 for the 512GB variant. For comparison, Galaxy Z Flip 4 started from £999 when it was released last summer, although that model did only have 128GB of built-in storage.

Samsung has increased the price of the entry-level Flip 5 by £50 compared with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 last year 

Still, those who want the most affordable model in the new Galaxy Z Flip range will need to spend £50 more this time around. While there might only be two variants of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung more than makes up for that with a dizzying choice of colours.

Its new foldable arrives in a choice of Mint, Graphite, Lavender, and Cream, as well as Grey, Blue, Green, and Yellow when bought exclusively from the Samsung Store.

best galaxy z flip 5 deals cover screen

Galaxy Z Flip 5 has an expanded Cover Screen, which can run fullscreen applications (Image: SAMSUNG)

Best Galaxy Z Flip 5 deals

Samsung is bundling an annual Disney+ subscription for free with all orders. 

A 12-month subscription to the Netflix rival would usually cost £79.90, so it’s a very generous freebie and means you’ll be able to binge boxsets like Grey’s Anatomy, The BearWandavision, Dopesick, Star Wars: Andor, Marvel Secret Invasion, and more on the 6.7-inch AMOLED on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 …or any other devices with the Disney+ app.

The Disney+ giveaway is available no matter where you decide to add a Galaxy Z Flip 5 to your shopping basket. You’ll be able to claim the annual subscription from Samsung after your purchase, so that’s a guaranteed perk of upgrading to the foldable.

There are a number of advantages to buying the Galaxy Z Flip 5 directly from the Samsung store, including the exclusive colour options. Galaxy Z Flip 5 is available exclusively in Yellow, Grey, and Blue when bought from Samsung (either online or in-store) in addition to the standard Graphite, Cream, Mint, and Lavender shades available nationwide.

Samsung has also increased its trade-in offers to encourage fans to upgrade to the brand-new Galaxy Z Flip 5.

For a limited time, you can secure a discount of up to £560, although the exact amount will depend on the make, model, and condition of the smartphone you’re looking to hand over to Samsung. At the time of writing, trading in an iPhone 14 Pro, Galaxy S23 Ultra, or Galaxy Z Fold 4 will net the biggest discount on your new phone.

Better yet, Samsung is offering a guaranteed £200 discount when you trade in any phone in any condition. And Samsung really means any condition. The South Korean brand has confirmed that it’ll accept 20-year-old broken handsets that don’t switch on as part of its current trade-in boost, dropping the cost of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 from £1,049 for the 256GB model down to just £849.

If you’ve got a drawer with long-forgotten phones gathering dust, it might be time to dig one out.

best galaxy z flip 5 deals

Galaxy Z Flip 5 has a larger Cover Screen and stylish new Mint colour (Image: SAMSUNG)

Best Galaxy Z Flip 5 pay monthly deals

If you’d rather buy your new Galaxy Z Flip 5 on a pay monthly contract, the biggest UK mobile carriers have unleashed thier latest deals on the next-generation flip phone. And there are some stellar packages available.

As mentioned above, regardless of whether you buy the Galaxy Z Flip 5 direct from Samsung or with a pay monthly contract from EE, Three, O2, Vodafone, Sky Mobile, or others …you’ll still be able to claim the 6-month free subscription to Disney+.

To make comparing the latest Galaxy Z Flip 5 deals easier, we’ve picked plans with roughly 20-30GB of 5G mobile data allowance each month. For our money, that’s more than enough to stream music from Spotify, watch a few clips on YouTube or TikTok, upload snaps to Instagram, and answer WhatsApp video calls away from Wi-Fi.

Those who use their phone to tether to a laptop to work when away from a wireless broadband connection will need a little more data, while those who are permanently connected to their home, office, or public Wi-Fi networks might need a little less. This data allowance can be tweaked when you get to checkout. However, 20-30GB is a good middle ground that should suit most use cases.

Find the latest Galaxy Z Flip 5 deals from the major networks below –

best galaxy z flip 5 deals new hinge

Samsung’s redesigned hinge mechanism means the Flip 5 is thinner when closed shut (Image: SAMSUNG)

Galaxy Z Flip 5: What’s new?

Without a doubt, the biggest change to the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is found on the outside of the handset.

Samsung has dramatically expanded the size of the Cover Screen to 3.4 inches. This additional screen real estate means you can reply to texts with a full-sized QWERTY keyboard, check calendar appointments, follow turn-by-turn directions on Google Maps, and much more, without the need to flip open the 6.7-inch foldable screen every time.

There are a truckload of new customisation options available on this larger Cover Screen, so Galaxy Z Flip 5 owners can change the background and typeface. The interface is very similar to recent generations of the Galaxy Watch.

Samsung has reworked its hinge mechanism for the Flip 5, which reduces the overall thickness of the handset –now just 151mm when folded, compared to 17.1mm on the Flip 4.

That’s perfect if you’re planning to keep the device in a pocket or small bag. When closed, the tighter hinge design has the benefit of reducing the chance of dust or lint gathering inside your phone.

Samsung still offers the same IPX8 water resistance rating as the previous generation, which should save your shiny new phone from any accidental baths in the toilet, or showers under spilled drinks.

Powering the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the same flagship chipset as the Galaxy S23 Ultra 

The latest Gorilla Glass has been used on the front and back of the handset to shield it from scuffs, scratches …and the occasional drop. Galaxy Z Flip 5 keeps the same dual-camera system on the back as its predecessor, both 12MP sensors. Flip open the phone and there’s a selfie camera in a small pin-shaped cut-out.

Powering everything in the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy, the same flagship chipset found inside the  and  from earlier this year.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 is available in Graphite, Cream, Mint, and its trademark Lavender shade. As always, there will be exclusive colour options only available from the Samsung Store (online or in-store), including Yellow, Grey, and Blue.

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The best Galaxy Z Flip 5 deals for Christmas

Christmas is on the horizon and there are plenty of great deals out there on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 just before 2024 rolls around – whether or not its for a friend or your own personal device.

Luckily, there have been some brilliant deals on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 so you can get a good deal on the phone. The best deal that we have found is from Samsung which is offering a great deal.

All you have to do is use the code FLIP200 at checkout which knocks £200 off the device automatically. Then you can trade in ANY smartphone for a guaranteed £300 on any smartphone, bringing the price down to just £549 on the 512GB device.

You could get even more off the phone – up to the value of £500 – depending on what phone you want to trade in. It’s probably the best deal on the market at the moment and worth buying if you want a Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Samsung is also bundling in a year’s worth of Disney+ subscription with the phone which is worth £109 at the time of writing. 


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