Best Continuity Camera mount in 2023 to help turn your iPhone into a webcam

Apple may have improved the webcams on its laptops recently – so much so that the 13in MacBook Air M2 appears in our ranking of the best laptop webcams – but it’s clearly not finished there. The iPhone’s rear cameras are among the best you’ll find on a smartphone, and Apple’s new Continuity Camera tech allows you to link it up to your MacBook and use it as a video-conferencing camera and microphone combo.

You get the benefit of the triple-camera array on the back of most iPhone Pros, with its ultra-wide and short telephoto views, and you can take the phone off its mount to use Desk View to share a top-down view of whatever you want people to see instead of your face. There’s Center Stage, just like Apple’s other webcams, which keeps you in frame as you move around, and Studio Light which brightens your face while darkening the background.


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