Bastrop locals talk New Year’s resolutions – News – Bastrop Daily Enterprise – Bastrop, LA

The City of Bastrop rang in the New Year with celebrations, plenty of fireworks, and of course, New Year’s Resolutions.

The tradition of New Year’s resolutions started with the Babylonians according to History.com. Their resolutions were made in March as they celebrated the religious festival Akitu. They made promises to their gods to pay off debts and return borrowed objects.

Today’s resolutions are usually about self-improvement and are made by at least 45% of Americans. Resolutions include losing weight, saving money, doing better in school, or working on perceived flaws.

Bastrop locals have various similar resolutions this year.

“I want to eat healthy and make better decisions financially,” said local Justin Ford.

Some want to draw closer to God and read their bible more. They want to be more diligent in following their faith.

“I have made the commitment to pray for a specific person every day each month for the next 12 months,” explained Myra Tullos.

A number of people made resolutions focusing, not on themselves, but on others.

“My resolution is to give hope to someone who needs it,” said Joan Pugh.

Lou Ann Copeland explained that she wanted to be more thoughtful to others.

With the huge influence of technology in our lives some resolutions focused on cutting down time on devices such as phones and computers.

“I want to spend less time on Facebook and more with my family,” commented Lisa Cox.

Not everyone had a resolution though. Local Angie Hammonds thinks when resolutions are made, the goals can feel written in stone, and if those expectations are unmet they can fill one with self-doubt. Instead she tries simply to note things she can work on and improve them with no set goal in mind.

“My resolution is not to have a resolution,” noted Hammonds. “Each year I try to recognize the areas I need to do better in and make a conscious effort to improve.”

New Years is a time for new beginnings, and resolutions are a way many choose to begin that renewal.

Bastrop locals look forward to 2019 and hope to make it a better, brighter year all around.


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