Automakers will offer more EV models in 2021. Will consumers buy them?

AutoTrader estimates car companies will sell significantly more new vehicles in 2021 than they did in 2020, and, more of those vehicles could be electric.

Right now, only about 2% of total new car sales in the U.S. are EVs.  Analyst Michelle Krebs of AutoTrader says major car companies plan to boost the number of electric car models they offer. 

“The complaint has been there aren’t EVs for people to buy,” says Krebs.  “Well, this next year there are EV’s for people to buy.  There’s all kinds, there’s SUVs, there’s different price ranges. Certainly the numbers will go up, but how could they not.  They’re only about 2% of sales and half of that’s Tesla.”

Krebs says EV sales surpass 4% of the new car market in 2021. 

She says the incoming Biden administration hopes to encourage EV sales, but Republican control of the senate would limit what the administration could do.  


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