Asda to open 21 new locations before the end of the month – see the full list and if one is near you

ASDA is set to open 21 new stores across the UK before the end of the month. 

Last year the retailer struck a £438 million deal to buy out 132 Co-op sites as it looks to expand the number of its convenience-format stores.

Asda is set to open 21 new stores across the UK before the end of the month


Asda is set to open 21 new stores across the UK before the end of the monthCredit: Asda
The converted Asda Express sites will stock around 3,000 branded and own-label products


The converted Asda Express sites will stock around 3,000 branded and own-label productsCredit: Asda

The deal included 116 retail sites with attached petrol stations, plus three development sites.

In October 2023, Asda opened 14 new Asda Express stores across the UK.

Five stores are set to open today in locations such as Derby, Stoke-on-Trent and Crawley.

The 21 stores set to open by the end of January are on top of 17 stores that have already opened this month in locations such as Southampton, Cardiff and Clapham.  

Here’s a full list of the stores opening by the end of this month: 

  • Holmes Chapel – Middlewich Road  – January 19
  • Derby – Duffield Road  – January 19
  • Sandford – Sandford Road  – January 19
  • Sandy – Bedford Road  – January 19
  • Hornchurch – North Street  – January 19
  • Heywood – Middleton Road  – January 24 
  • Evesham – Twyford Services – January 24   
  • Fareham – Highland Road – January 24  
  • Crouch End – Tottenham Lane – January 24  
  • Crawley – Balcombe Road  – January 25
  • Corsham – Pickwick Road  – January 25 
  • Dagenham – Beacontree Avenue  – January 26 
  • Rhuddlan – Rhyl Road  – January 26  
  • Horsham – Worthing Road  – January 26   
  • Denham – Uxbridge  – January 29
  • Stoke-on-Trent – Holditch, Talke Road – January 29
  • Clydebank – Western Highway Station  – January 30
  • Stoke-on-Trent – Park Hall, Dividy Road – January 30
  • Haslemere (Surrey) – Hindhead Road  – January 31
  • Poole – Sandbanks Road  – January 31
  • Leicester – Lutterworth Road  – January 31

Andy Perry, Asda’s vice president of convenience, said: “After pausing our convenience rollout during the festive period, the programme is now in full swing once more.”

“We have exciting plans to accelerate the programme over the next couple of months with the aim of converting all 470 stores acquired from the Co-op and EG Group to Asda Express before the end of Q1.”

“We are looking forward to opening our doors and welcoming customers in new locations right across the UK.” 

The retailer plans to have opened 356 new locations in total by 2026.

The converted Asda Express sites will stock around 3,000 branded and own-label products.

These include essential items like milk and bread, last-minute dinner ingredients and lunch on the go or cooking dinner from scratch.  

As part of the takeover of shops around 2,300 workers currently employed by Co-op stores will transfer to Asda.

Asda claims customers can be reassured that they’ll be making a saving when Asda comes to town as the base prices in Asda’s current Express stores are on average 8.9% cheaper than The Co-op.  

In addition to the recently converted Asda Express stores, the supermarket currently has three stand-alone Express stores too.

These include locations in Sutton Coldfield, London (Tottenham Hale) and Calne.

Shoppers are able to buy a range of hot and cold takeaway food options from Asda and partner brands including Leon.

They also offer parcel collection, return services and a grocery delivery service through Uber Eats.

With so many retailers leaving towns and high streets, it gives a much-needed boost to shoppers when new stores open.

Another supermarket has made plans to move into the convenience sector.

Morrisons is in the process of closing hundreds of McColl’s stores and reopening them as mini Morrisons Daily sites.

These convenience stores will stock a range of Morrisons own-brand and branded products, spanning fresh fruit and veg, meat, bread and dairy.

The retailer has begun stocking items from its budget Savers range across its 500 convenience stores including toilet rolls, washing-up liquid, sausages and skimmed milk.

Plus, Nisa is to open 400 new shops as part of its huge expansion plans.

How to save money in Asda

All Asda staff carry a book of Asda smiley vouchers, which can be given out to customers at their discretion.

Each voucher has a face value of 50p and can be used to get money off your shop.

Grab items from Asda’s Just Essentials range, these can be identified through bright yellow packaging and offer great value on household essentials.

Don’t forget the famous Asda “reduced” stickers.

Chilled things start getting reduced in the morning with final reductions on items such as bread and cakes starting around 6:30pm.

Asda Rewards is free to join.

As an Asda Rewards member, you’ll get exclusive discounts and offers, and you’ll also be able to earn 10% cashback on Star Products.

Do you have a money problem that needs sorting? Get in touch by emailing

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