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Artificial Intelligence – The Risks To Privacy And Other Human Rights

GENEVA (14 September 2021) – UN High Commissioner for
Human Rights Michelle Bachelet will on Wednesday 15
September issue a report analysing how artificial
intelligence impacts our human rights. As part of the
launch, the UN Human Rights Office will hold a live media
briefing at 14:00 Geneva time (14:00 CEST) on 15

The speakers will be Peggy Hicks, the
Director of Thematic Engagement at the UN Human Rights
Office, and Tim Engelhardt, Human Rights Officer in the Rule
of Law and Democracy Section.

The report, which is
part of UN Human Rights Office’s work on technology and
human rights, looks at a range of issues, highlighting
worrying developments, including “a sprawling ecosystem of
largely non-transparent personal data collection and
exchanges”. It sets out approaches for responding to what
the High Commissioner calls “one of the most urgent human
rights questions of our age,” and makes specific
recommendations for action to governments and

The live webcast will be available under
the Live Now tab on the UN Web TV site:

broadcast material will also be made available:

report (in English) will be accompanied by a press release
in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Among the
issues examined in the report are:

· Real-life
impacts of AI, including people treated unjustly as a result
of flawed AI tools

· Reliance on large data sets; the
risk of faulty, discriminatory, out of date or irrelevant

· Inferences and predictions by AI that can lead
to and reinforce discrimination

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· Use of biometric

· Opaque decision-making process, lack
of transparency about the use and development of AI

· Lack of due diligence by Governments and
businesses in developing and using AI systems

the OHCHR page on the Right to Privacy in the Digital Age:

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