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Artificial Intelligence supposedly made Donald look Fat? What’s truly scary about this statement

We can, and should, prosecute AI related crime in the here and now

Donald recently claimed that a Lincoln Project video compilation was utilizing AI to make him look fat. My favorite response to that tomfoolery came from a Substack follower response, who blithely replied, “Well, Donald stop eating all those AIs.”

I laughed way too hard at that.

On a more serious note, his comment raised the specter of a fear that has been niggling at the back of my mind since AI became a thang. Now, believe me, I am a fan of AI—it has helped me speed up my graphic illustration pipeline in ways I never dared dream. Still, there are scenarios too numerous to consider when it comes to the potential for harm caused by the abuses of this technology.

I created the below video to show ways in which people who might use AI to commit crimes or develop a false narrative can be caught. AI is not foolproof and the metadata embedded in most images will give authorities and experts ways to apprehend perpetrators who fraudulently use artificial intelligence for criminal activity.

Watch this 8-minute video I created to gain insights into the challenges and safeguards associated with AI and image manipulation.…

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