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Artificial intelligence-driven platform for genome editing presented

Evogene Ltd. a computational biology company working on life-science product development across several market segments, provided today a year-end update for the CRISPR-IL consortium, of  which it is a member. The CRISPR-IL consortium, which is supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority, was established to develop an artificial intelligence-based system, for CRISPR-CAS based workflows, “Go-Genome“, providing end-to-end genome-editing, with improved precision and efficiency.

Today, the company announces the CRISPR-IL’s completion of a first version of the artificial intelligence-driven platform for genome-editing, design; a major milestone in the development roadmap of “Go-Genome“. Also announced is the addition of two new members, Better Seeds and FreeZem, active in the areas of agriculture and alternative protein sourced from insects, respectively. The addition of these two companies is expected to widen the system’s applicability.

CRISPR-CAS is a genome-editing technology that enables precise genomic changes, which are expected to lead to the development of a new set of products and services. The products and services are expected to include human therapeutics such as CAR-T treatments and curing monogenic diseases, and agricultural uses such as adding nutritional value to food products.

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