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Artificial intelligence can now help you speak to deceased family and friends; here’s how

Marking another scientific marvel, researchers have developed an artificial intelligence technology that could allow people to communicate with their loved ones even after their death. The technology, first reported by Protocol, uses a Chatbot to re-create the presence of the deceased. Tech giant Microsoft has issued a patent for the technology, however, the way in which the company would use the innovation still remains unclear.

As per Derryjournal, the pre-programmed Chatbot would potentially allow users to converse and interact with a past or present entity. In addendum to their loved ones, people could also get an opportunity to converse with celebrities or historical figures. “The social data may be used to create or modify a special index in the theme of the specific person’s personality. The special index may be used to train a chatbot to converse and interact in the personality of a specific person,” the patent documents by Microsoft read.

How does it work?

The chatbot is programmed to pick up voice and information of a relative by using videos, voice recordings, letters, social media posts amongst others. It would then use it to interact with the user via a smartphone or other smart devices like Google Home, Alexa etc. In addendum, the technology could also create a 2D/3D model of the specific person by using images, depth information, and/or video data associated with the specific person. 

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Meanwhile, a Korean television show is using artificial intelligence to help the living people reunite with the resurrected dead friends or family members. The show called Meeting You has used technology to help cope up with the grief of losing someone to death. Recently it helped a mother, Jang Ji-sung reunified with her seven-year-old daughter, Nayeon with complete touch-sensitive gloves and audio. 

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Meeting You allowed the mother to spend time with her daughter, they were shown playing and talking. The two were also able to touch each other and the girl even reassured her mother that she was no longer in pain. It was this experience was reportedly deemed beneficial by the mother even though the experts have warned about the limits of carrying out a ‘radical psychological experiment’ on television for the purpose of entertainment. 

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