Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can cure diseases including COVID-19

By Sumit Pandey

Taoyuan City (Taiwan), Sep 20 (UNI) Even as the world awaits a COVID vaccine, Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used for detecting pneumonia caused by the pandemic which has caused millions of deaths globally.

The dataset commonly used for this work is open source chest X-ray images from Kaggle or other open-source websites. Some of these models have reported an accuracy even greater than 98 percent, experts have said.

The experts while calling for integrating the AI systems into the medical practice, said it would build a mutually-beneficial relationship between AI and Medicine.

In future AI would offer greater efficiency or cost-effectiveness and Doctors (or Medical Staff) would offer AI the essential medical exposure of complex cases.

In this process, it will be necessary to ensure that AI does not hide the human face of medicine because the biggest obstacle to its adoption will be the public’s hesitation to embrace this technology.

According to Prof (Dr.) Andrew Ng, computer scientist from Stanford University, Artificial Intelligence will change all the ‘’paradigms of our life as electricity did around 200 years ago.’’

Medical Prognosis is used for predicting the expected development or likelihood of the disease.

Currently one of the most recent advancements of Artificial Intelligence is in three fields of medicine: Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment. Medical Diagnosis is used for determining the disease or condition that explains the symptoms of the patient.

The core of these Artificial Intelligence models is Machine Learning (ML) or Deep Learning (DL) algorithms. Both (ML and DL) algorithms are called data-driven which means that instead of defining the situation, these algorithms learn from previous examples. Generally, by increasing the amount of the data, the accuracy of these models also increases.



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