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Artificial Intelligence 4 Development Agency (AIDA) Honoured in Business Worldwide Magazine 2020 GCC Business Excellence Awards

The awards honour both organisations and individuals behind innovations and inspirations driving increased growth and development to their sector. The entrepreneurial work and corporate excellence of these pioneers has significantly contributed to the economic vision of the GCC region in establishing itself as a global knowledge-base, as well as a leading destination for new initiatives.

Not only have the operations of these organisations been of world class quality, but their striving endeavour to push boundaries, respond to challenges and tackle taboos has earned them admiration and respect from their peers and consequently made them employers of choice. 

AIDA has achieved first place in two awards categories; ‘Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Related Social Enterprise – GCC’ and the equally impressive ‘Tech Non-Profit Organization of the Year – Global’.

Artificial Intelligence plays an ever increasing role in a huge range of industries, but still only half of the global population is connected to the internet. AIDA is bringing the powers and concepts of AI technology to a whole new audience, delivering community led projects that impact and empower societies and help bridge the digital divide.

Currently operating throughout Europe and the Middle East, much of AIDA’s work is focused on young people and women, empowering them to lead this important societal change and prepare themselves for a brighter future.

AIDA was the first organisation to pioneer social awareness and research about AI in the MENA & GCC regions. The team takes a multi-stakeholder approach, engaging with businesses, academia and government bodies to raise awareness and initiate discussions on as broad a level as possible.

CEO & Founder Elena Gabriela Ardelean, said, “Our entire approach is revolutionary and unique, taking place at the intersection between technology, people, businesses and governments. We believe Artificial Intelligence represents a global challenge and an excellent opportunity for wide engagement to prepare citizens, in particular youth and women, for the future of work, whilst also tackling disinformation.”

To find out more about AIDA’s work and plans for the future, visit the organisation’s website at

An article on the company can be found on the Business Worldwide website

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