Are Slots No Deposit a Thing?

Are Slots No Deposit a Thing?

There are so many bonuses available out there for slot machines. There is everything from a free spins to a deposit bonus. One of the lesser known bonuses is the no deposit bonus. Casinos do offer no deposit slots – read more here. These slots are completely the same as regular slots, with no difference in gameplay or house edge. Below you’ll find out all about no deposit slots and discover why they are indeed ‘a thing’. 

No Deposit Slots Explained 

No deposit slots are a type of bonus which players receive, usually when they first sign up to an online casino site. Players are given a free amount of money which is deposited into their account, without any need for the player to have deposited any of their own money. This amount can then be used by the player on the slot games. This offer is not always given by casino sites, it usually comes and goes. If you want to get a no deposit bonus yourself it is best to be on the lookout for the newest promotions and deals that online casinos are offering. No deposit bonuses usually come in two types, either cashable or non cashable. The cashable no deposit bonus comes in the form of cash deposited into your account while the non cashable bonus usually comes in the form of free spins which can be used on the reels. 


Using no deposit slots give players many benefits, for newer players the advantages that this provides are clear. It gives them a perfect chance to be able to get acquainted with slot machines without having to worry about spending their own money, it also helps them learn the best strategies and get used to the gameplay. In essence, the no deposit bonus is free money. When taken full advantage of, players could even win big without having to deposit a single penny from their own bank account! 

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Things to be Aware of 

While no deposit slots are certainly generous, there are still several things that players should be aware of. Without a doubt, players should always check the terms and conditions of any deal that they are signing up for. While the no deposit bonus is relatively simple to understand it can still confuse some players. For instance, some players sign up for a no deposit bonus and expect to be able to withdraw the cash that is available in their account. This is not allowed as casino sites will usually require you to win a certain amount before you can withdraw your winnings otherwise they would just be giving money away to players. When the wagering requirement is met, players will be allowed to withdraw their money.


No deposit slots are most certainly a thing, in fact they are one of the most popular bonuses available out there. Newer players should especially be on the lookout for this deal, no deposit slots give them a great chance to get used to slot gameplay before gambling their own money.

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