Archaeology news: ‘Undeniable evidence’ proves Bible true about Israeli conquest of Canaan | Science | News

“With momentum on their side, Israel overtook Hazor and subsequently burnt it with fire (Joshua 11:11), as they had with Jericho.

“The archaeological evidence which would testify to the reliability of the biblical account at Hazor lay dormant for almost 3,300 years until the 1950s.”

Between 1955 and 1958, the Israeli archaeologist Yigael Yadin led excavations that found the upper and lower levels of the city were destroyed by a raging fire.

The archaeologists found a mound of ash that has been dated to the 14th century BC, which Professor Meyer believes matches the Biblical record.

He said: “The wealth of the palace and the cultic items in the temples were not looted but buried in the destruction debris, similar to the treatment of Jericho.


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