Archaeology news: Landmark study finds Neanderthals also used Homo sapiens technology | Science | News

Dr Clément Zanolli, from Université de Bordeaux, said in a statement: “Professor Garrod immediately saw how distinctive this tooth was.

“We’ve examined the size, shape and both the external and internal 3D structure of the tooth, and compared that to Holocene and Pleistocene Homo sapiens and Neanderthal specimens.

“This has enabled us to clearly characterise the tooth as belonging to an approximately nine-year-old Neanderthal child.

“Shukbah marks the southernmost extent of the Neanderthal range known to date.”

Although Homo sapiens and their precursors shared the use of a wide range of stone tools, Nubian Levallois technology has until now been argued to have been exclusively used by Homo sapiens.


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