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Apple seeded the official version of iOS 13 to compatible iPhones on Sept. 19. Since then, we’ve seen two major updates — iOS 13.1, which, by our count, introduced 22 new features, and iOS 13.2, which also added 22 new features. Today, Dec. 10, Apple introduced the third major update: iOS 13.3.

Version 13.3 went through four rounds of beta testing, following the same path as iOS 13.2. In that time, most of the new features and changes came with the first beta release. The subsequent three updates featured one or two visible changes at most, with the majority occurring under the hood.

While 13.3 might not be as feature-filled as its preceding updates, the latest version of iOS is nothing to sneeze at. When you update, you’ll find a new toggle for disabling Memoji stickers in the Frequently Used section of Messages‘ emoji keyboard. Also, there are new mouse controls, including “hot corners,” which allow you to assign different actions to each corner of your device. And there’s an update to Apple News, featuring the return of the thumbs up and thumbs down options for loving and disliking articles, as well as back and forth buttons for moving between articles.

To update to iOS 13.3, open the Settings app on your iPhone, then tap “General” –> “Software Update.” Follow the on-screen instructions to begin downloading the software to your device, then continue to start updating. You can also just wait for it to install automatically if you have “Automatic Updates” enabled.

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