Apple to cut production of iPhone 12 Mini after a fall in sales

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world massively. The financial implications of this pandemic have affected everyone negatively. Not even big companies in the world were able to hedge themselves during these months. While the vaccination process has started, the second surge in European countries and the US has again reminded people how big this disease is.

Apple, one of the biggest tech companies, is also facing problems due to low demand. It is reported that Apple is looking to decrease the production of iPhone 12 Mini. This cut in manufacturing can take place in Apple’s Pegatron manufacturing facility. The reports suggest that the production of this smartphone can be cut by as much as two million units. But at the same time, the demand for iPhone 12 Pro has seen a surge. 

This suggests that the actual production cost may not only because of Covid-19. But, also because of the failure of the product to attract customers. iPhone 12 Mini comes with a display size of 5.4-inch whereas iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max comes in 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screen respectively.

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In fact, iPhone 12 was the most popular 5G-ready smartphone for October 2020 worldwide. In comparison to this, the iPhone 12 mini only made up 6% of all iPhone sales in the U.S. during October and November. Thus, we can say that people might have not liked the smaller screen iPhone as compared to other devices.

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In 2021, Apple is again trying to launch four smartphones with a similar strategy. These will be four different models of iPhone 13 just like iPhone 12. But if the mini version didn’t perform up to the expectations, Apple should clearly think about iPhone 13 Mini’s success as well.

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