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Apple Refurbished MacBook Pro Review: Is it Worth Buying?


Apple Refurbished MacBook Pro Review: Is it Worth Buying? 
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Apple might look like a really expensive brand for those from afar but little do most people know that there is actually an option to buy cheaper MacBook Pro computers if the buyer is okay with a refurbished version. The refurbished MacBook Pro does have its give and takes. However, for those looking for an instant price slash, this could be a good thing.

What is the difference between refurbished and used?

It is very important to know the difference between refurbished and used. A used MacBook Pro basically comes from a third-party seller who could have been the user of the device themselves. While used devices tend to be cheaper and there is also an opportunity to haggle regarding the price, this does not always guarantee the quality of the device itself.

Refurbished means the unit was sold back to the retailer and has passed certain checkups. Of course, the retailer won’t just accept a unit back if it has severe problems. This is part of their protocol making sure they only refurbish the particular MacBook Pro computers that can still pass Apple’s standards when it comes to devices, according to references from Glyde.

Are Refurbished Macs safe?

The good thing about buying refurbished products is that they still come along with a 1-year warranty just in case something bad would happen. The refurbished MacBook Pro, although not technically brand new, usually shows very little differences in comparison to a brand new model. Some of these differences could be little scratches here and there, the surface not being too smooth, and etc.

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While the refurbished MacBook Pro might not be exactly what some buyers are looking for, for those that want to save up around $190 and up getting a refurbished MacBook Pro instead of buying a new Apple MacBook Pro, then this would be a better thing to do. Besides, the MacBook Pro in itself is already quite expensive. The refurbished version helps buyers save while getting the same specs of a brand new MacBook Pro.

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Is it worth buying a refurbished MacBook?

While some people would really opt for brand new devices, the truth is, a couple of months into the device, the quality is still going to be the same as a refurbished one. This is true with the refurbished MacBook Pro since the specs are still the same with a brand new one. The RAM would be the same, the camera would be the same, the motherboard, the graphics, and etc.

The good thing about buying refurbished MacBook Pro computers is that they already pass Apple’s standards and are considered “good enough to be sold back.” The wide selection of refurbished MacBook Pro computers can be found on Apple’s official website. The important thing about buying refurbished MacBook Pro computers is the specs are up to par as it can be quite rare for a brand new model to be refurbished.

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