Apple iPhone XS Max allegedly catches fire, claims owner: Report

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Apple iPhone XS Max catching fire? iDrop News claims that Hillard is planning to launch legal action against Apple.

In a new report, Josh Hillard, a man from Ohio, United States, claims that his new iPhone XS Max caught fire and exploded, while the device was inside his pants. iDrop News reported that the incident took place on December 12 near Columbus, Ohio.

Hillard claimed that he noticed thick smoke coming from the iPhone XS Max and felt a “large amount of heat”, as well as a burning sensation on his skin. He rushed out, and took off his pants where the iPhone XS Max was placed. Later, a fire extinguisher was used to take out of the flames of the burning iPhone XS Max.

Later that evening, Hillard took the remains of the burnt iPhone XS Max and went to the Apple store. He was dissatisfied by the customer service provided. He claims he spent 20 minutes answering questions by an Apple store employee and then waited another 40 minutes after the phone was returned.

The Apple store manager apparently told Hillard that his device had to be sent to the engineering team for analysis and that this was the only way he could get a replacement unit.

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Hillard returned home and immediately called the Apple Care line. Finally, Josh did receive a new unit but he felt that a replacement unit is not enough. He is now seeing compensation for his damaged clothes, shoes and wireless service which he was unable to use during his time negotiating with Apple.

iDrop News claims that Hillard is planning to launch legal action against Apple. At the moment, the Cupertino company is yet to respond to the issue of the iPhone XS Max that caught fire. It is not clear what caused the fire to take place in the first place.


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