Amazon’s Alexa can now serve as a home security system in the US – Tech News

Amazon is rolling out Guard for Alexa, a feature that transforms your Echo device into a home security system that can work alongside a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. 

After being available to a small collection of users to preview the feature for a few months, Alexa Guard officially began rolling out to users in the United States on May 14. 

Once setting up Guard within the Settings menu of the Alexa app, owners can simply say “Alexa, I’m leaving” to activate Guard mode. 

In addition to alerting home owners to the sound of glass breaking made while they’re away, Echo devices can inform you if your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are going off. When something is detected, you’ll both receive a Smart Alert phone notification and will be able to play the sound (or watch a clip if you have a smart home device with a display) from the Alexa app, so you can investigate for yourself. 

The feature can be integrated with existing Ring or ADT home security systems allowing Alexa to activate and deactivate the systems. You can opt for the Smart Alerts to be forwarded to Ring or ADT, as well. 

To further protect your home while you’re away, the feature can be accompanied by Alexa’s Away Lighting tool which turns on and off lights at designated parts of the day to make it appear as if someone’s home. 

Alexa Guard is free and will begin its gradual rollout May 14 in the United States. – AFP Relaxnews


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