Amazon has slashed a huge £350 off these 512GB storage Samsung phone deals

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S20 deals are now here and while there is no doubt they are some amazing phones, they are also generally extremely expensive. Luckily, if you’re willing to go for an earlier model, Amazon has some bargains available to you.

With two of Samsung’s best 2019 devices – the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and S10 Plus – Amazon has slashed the prices by £350, giving them a massively reduced price tag.

And even better, both of these offers are on the 512GB editions of the phones, giving you plenty of available storage. This is especially impressive on the Note 10 Plus seeing as no other retailer is even close to touching the £749 price tag Amazon has hit, even with the lower storage offers.

While there are other retailers offering SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deals for the same price as the one below, this is the cheapest offer out there for a brand new 512GB edition.



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