Alpine A290 revealed to battle MINI’s future Cooper JCW Electric

But to appease those who might be worried that this is nothing more than a modified Renault 5, Alpine has gone to some extensive lengths in the development of the car’s chassis. This includes the use of a new front cradle for the electric motor, plus comprehensively redesigned suspension that supports a 60mm wider track. 

Some of that extra width comes from the wider 19-inch wheels, but most is derived from the suspension itself, which has redesigned knuckles, plus new spring and damper rates. It also features stiffer anti-roll bars, and the same clever hydraulic bump-stops that were introduced in the Renaultsport Megane. 

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The multi-link rear suspension is toughened and updated, and engineers say it could one day be adapted to fit a second motor. For now, though, the A290 will remain front-engined and front-wheel driven, with a 57:43 weight distribution front-to-rear. 

There’s no form of mechanical differential, unlike in cars like the new Abarth 600e or Alfa Romeo Junior, yet Alpine has developed software that is able to quell excess wheelspin from the inside wheel before the traditional traction control needs to be called in. 

As with all modern EVs, there are various drive modes to choose between in the Alpine A290, with a further Boost mode activated via a button on the steering wheel. With this button held down, the A290 is able to produce its maximum power and torque on a more aggressive throttle map, giving the feeling of more performance regardless of the pedal position. 


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