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AI vs plagiarism: Bill Ackman’s push for Artificial Intelligence gives ‘sleepless’ nights to university faculties

Bill Ackman has stirred academic circles with his advocacy for a thorough plagiarism review in top universities. Ackman suggested the use of AI to scrutinise academic works for potential plagiarism. This move, while highlighting the power of AI, also raises concerns about its implications on academic integrity and faculty careers.

As per the prominent figure in the financial world, “no one at @MIT had a good night’s sleep” after he had announced “launching a plagiarism review of all current MIT faculty, President Kornbluth, members of MIT’s administration, and its board”.

Ackman’s suggestion comes in the backdrop of increasing scrutiny of academic works. He points out that no academic work could stand the relentless examination of AI for errors like missing quotation marks or improper citations.

Ackman’s focus is not limited to MIT only. He wants to target other prestigious institutions like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Penn and Dartmouth. “Because why would we stop at MIT?” he wrote.

“The best approach, however, is probably to launch an AI startup to do this job,” he posted on X (formerly Twitter) while declaring that he’d “be interested in investing in one”.

The proposal has broader implications for the academic community worldwide. Every institution would need to validate plagiarism accusations independently or risk having it done for them, he wrote. The possible consequences of such a review are significant. It could lead to wholesale firings, withdrawal of donations and loss of federal funding, potentially tarnishing thousands of faculty members’ reputations, he added.

Ackman’s comments also delve into the impact of higher education on society. He reflects on how higher education influences various aspects of life, from teaching methodologies to legal and ethical norms, and even perceptions of capitalism and religion. His views suggest a deep concern about the influence of educational institutions on societal values and norms.

Power of AI

The power of AI in this context is both a tool for maintaining academic standards and a potential threat. Ackman likens AI’s role in plagiarism detection to the weaponisation of tactics like MeToo accusations and speech codes in universities. He draws an analogy with the independent auditing of financial statements in corporations. He emphasised the need for independent review to maintain integrity and trust in academia.

Ackman also touches on the issue of tenure in academia. He highlights how AI can ease the process of firing tenured faculty with problematic academic records. He suggests that the current academic environment may overlook minor instances of plagiarism but be less forgiving of more serious offences, like outright theft of intellectual property.

“As a result of AI, all institutions of higher learning are going to have to update their plagiarism standards,” he added.

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