Adobe brings AI image generation to Acrobat – Computerworld

“Adobe has done workers a service by building technologies like the generative capabilities of Adobe Firefly and working to integrate them across a range of their applications and tools,” said Matt Arcaro, IDC research director for computer vision and AI. By building Firefly into familiar apps such as Acrobat, the level of friction involved in accessing a new technology is reduced, he said. 

Adobe has also added new features to the AI Assistant for Acrobat and Reader apps announced in February

The generative AI (genAI) assistant can now summarize information from multiple documents — including PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and other file formats — at the same time. That lets users identify common trends and generate an overview summary with citations that point to the source of information, Adobe said. Users can then direct the AI assistant to format the content for a specific purpose, such as turning it into an email that can be sent to colleagues. 


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