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Acer ConceptD CP7 CP7271KP review

Never the twain shall meet. That much you might say of professional displays and gaming monitors. After all, they represent two wildly different remits. The former is all about accuracy, the latter demands speed and pure visual pizazz. The consequence is typically very different features, performance tailored for each specific market and an impossible task delivering on both remits in one monitor.

Star ratings

Overall: 4

Design: 4.5

Features: 4.5

Performance: 4

Usability: 4.5

Value: 3

Enter the Acer ConceptD CP7 CP7271KP, a new 27-inch 4K model. Ostensibly, it’s a pro display aimed at content creators. To that end, it claims strong colour accuracy and good support for a number of critical colour spaces from a high quality IPS panel. It also comes with a glare-reducing hood. So far, so par for the pro display course.


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