A win for electric cars at the Super Bowl

At the Super Bowl in the USA, no less than four major carmakers advertised electric cars. While Porsche, Audi, GM and Ford had to pay over 5 million dollars for a 30-second spot, another manufacturer received positive PR completely free of charge: Players from both final teams raved about Tesla in interviews.

Paid or free, the big winner overall was electric cars. Not only in the USA, but in most countries, major carmakers are still spending significantly less on advertising electric cars than polluting vehicles. Porsche, Audi, GM and Ford, decided to finally fork out for electric attention at the Super Bowl, with an annual audience oscillating around 100 million viewers.

At the same time, nothing works like people talking about a product – If you can make it happen. Around the game, the American Football stars raved about Tesla’s vehicles. In the past status symbol vehicles were previously dominated by either luxury European cars or grunty USA models, like pickup trucks. Tesla scored on both counts with players saying that the Tesla Model X, for example, was a status symbol, while other players said they had already ordered a Tesla Cybertruck. (video, interviews of players), (videos, ads featured at Super Bowl)



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