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A Marketer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence in 2019

DALLAS, March 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — It’s no secret that now that artificial intelligence, or AI, is on the scene, things are a bit more complicated than they once were when it comes to brains, smarts, thinking and marketing.

Savvy marketers know they need to get ahead of this technology (or at least up to date), but many are unsure as to where they should jump in. With that in mind, Koeppel Direct, the Dallas-based direct-to-consumer advertising agency, has put out an infographic, “A Marketer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence in 2019.” The infographic was created to help guide those who are ready to truly understand AI in an effort to expand their market insight, better target the right demographics and give a nice boost to day-to-day customer care.

“We know from the recent CES 2019 that AI is quite the big deal this year and going forward,” said Peter Koeppel, the agency’s president and founder. “From voice assistants to chatbots to getting great assists with data and so much more, we wanted to shed a new and important light on where AI is right now…and on where it’s going. At this point, AI is so deeply embedded in every kind of emerging marketing tool that it’s going to be difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. So why not just embrace it?” Koeppel added.

Some key themes covered in the infographic include:

  • Voice search. Voice search is on the rise across demographics, with voice searches predicted to be half of all search traffic by 2020.
  • “Smart” everything. Smart is everywhere, and consumers across the board expect it.
  • Tech-forward is the way to the future. CES 2019 made it clear that tech-first companies are leading the pack in overall strength. Guidance provided by AI marketing platforms can help marketers get ahead with more data and analytics than they may know how to handle unassisted.
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Going forward, it will be important for marketers to do things like write natural, conversational content, focus on spoken keywords and have data organized and purpose-driven on the backend. A strong focus on chatbots, especially for those looking for more and better ways to implement customer service AIs, will be important as well.

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About Koeppel Direct
Based in Dallas, Koeppel Direct is a leading direct-to-consumer advertising agency, specializing in global, multichannel brand response television and digital advertising. As buyers of brand response advertising time, Koeppel Direct assists clients in strategically placing brand response advertising, as well as creating an effective advertising campaign that maximizes their clients’ ROI. In addition to brand response TV and digital, Koeppel Direct provides media services for print and radio — tapping into a broad range of opportunities for their clients.

Founded in 1995 by President Peter Koeppel, the company has grown into a dynamic and diverse team, with each team member bringing expert direct marketing and advertising knowledge and experience. Koeppel himself is a thought leader who is a frequent direct marketing industry speaker and editorial contributor, serving on the Forbes Agency Council. Koeppel Direct’s client portfolio includes major brands like TurboTax and Rubbermaid. The professional management and highly experienced staff have made Koeppel Direct a leading U.S. direct-to-consumer advertising agency.

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