Artificial Intelligence

‘A.I. Nation:’ artificial intelligence in our lives

Artificial intelligence is in all our lives in surprising ways that we often don’t even notice. From our social media feeds to the development of COVID vaccines. It’s used in job hiring, manufacturing, and policing. This hour we talk with the hosts of the new WHYY and Princeton University podcast A.I. Nation, reporter MALCOLM BURNLEY and Princeton computer science professor ED FELTEN, about where A.I. technology stands today, where it’s headed, the problems it solves and the ethical issues it raises. We’ll talk about natural-language processing, driverless cars, and the role A.I. has played in combating the pandemic.  We’ll also look about some of the more problematic applications of this technology: autonomous weapons, racial bias in facial recognition software used in policing and social media algorithms that spread misinformation.


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