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BURLINGTON, Mass., Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud data threats are getting increasingly more complex. From ransomware attacks to internal breaches, securing sensitive data has escalated to unprecedented levels. A recent study by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) paints a concerning picture of the current state of data security in the cloud:

  • 59% of organizations have inadequately protected Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) data.
  • 39% have experienced the loss of sensitive cloud data.
  • 20% remain unaware of potential data loss within their systems.

To address these alarming statistics and provide actionable insights, Sotero is excited to sponsor a webinar with ESG on “Data Security in the Modern Enterprise.” This event is scheduled for December 6th at 11am EST meant to be an invaluable resource for organizations navigating the complexities of cloud data security.

The webinar will feature a Fireside Chat with two data security experts in the field: Jack Poller, Senior Analyst at ESG, and Purandar Das, CEO of Sotero. They will dive into critical topics, including:

  • The top 10 causes of sensitive data loss in the cloud.
  • Effective strategies for the classification and discovery of cloud-resident data.
  • Integration of data security controls within a broader cybersecurity framework.

Attendees will gain unique insights from three recent data breach case studies, highlighting the severe consequences of unsecured cloud data. “Don’t be part of the 20% left in the dark about potential data loss,” urges Sotero’s, Co-Founder and CEO, Purandar Das. “This webinar is a must-attend for any enterprise looking to reinforce its data security measures to stay ahead of emerging threats.”

Reserve your spot today to learn how to transform your approach to cloud data security. For more information and to secure your registration, please visit https://bit.ly/47yvUK5.

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