A crafty new Chrome power-up – Computerworld

By default, once you have it added into whichever browser you prefer, it empowers you to long-click on any link in any page — to click and then hold down your mouse button or finger on the trackpad for a second, in other words — to summon an in-page preview of the link without leaving the original page that you were already viewing.


Google Chrome link preview
A pop-up link preview, courtesy of the Chrome MaxFocus add-on.

JR Raphael, IDG

You can use it for taking a quick gander at a link without interrupting your workflow while reading regular ol’ articles on the web, of course, but you could also use it for feats like viewing a linked YouTube video in-line within a page, previewing results from a search query (be they in Google or anywhere else) without having to open up a zillion tabs, or viewing any manner of links in-context while working on a Google Docs document, a Notion database, or an email in your inbox.


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