9 Unique Forex Affiliate Programs Every Newbie Should Know

9 Unique Forex Affiliate Programs Every Newbie Should Know
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In this article, we highlight 10 unique forex affiliate programs every newbie should know.

Did you know that you may profit from Forex without trading or investing? This is made possible through forex affiliate programs.

These programs are run by a few astute individuals who are always seeking for new methods to diversify their portfolio’s passive income sources.

This is when Forex firms such as Orbex and others pay individuals to refer consumers to their platforms.

You are also paid commissions when your referral registers a trading account and makes his first transaction.

So you have the option of competing for $5 and $10 commissions alongside thousands of other affiliates.

Alternatively, you may look at the Forex affiliate programs that we have studied for you.

You won’t believe how much some of these businesses pay.

Let’s get started.

1. Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets is a multi-award winning Forex broker that has been in business for almost 20 years.

Signing up for their platform grants you access to an industry-leading trading service that allows you to trade 3,000 of the most prominent stocks, as well as Forex and cryptocurrencies.

You may trade on MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, knowing that their servers are carefully situated to provide the lowest latency.

To get started, you must make a minimum deposit of $100, however they are regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange (CySEC), so your visitor’s money is safe.

They also provide a variety of withdrawal options, including Skrill, MasterCard, and wire transfer.

Oh, and they take zero percent commission, which your visitors will like.

In this example, that might equate to up to $600 in commissions for anyone who joins up using your affiliate link.

URL: Admiral Markets affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $600 per referral


2. Forex Trendy

Some people desire to study the foreign exchange market inside and out in order to make money trading Forex pairs.

They desire to become completely immersed in their new pastime or job.

Others just want to get anything that will track several currency pairings in real-time and notify them when it is a good moment to buy or sell.

Forex Trendy analyzes over 30 Forex pairings, displaying trends every 60 seconds.

Manually doing it would be a huge pain in the a$$, thus you’re advertising the advantage of saving up time here.

And because it’s entirely cloud-based, it won’t conflict with or slow down your present trading software setup.

So, how do affiliates do when it comes to advertising this Forex affiliate program?

The standard commission rate is about $24 per sale.

If, on the other hand, your referral decides to buy some of the up-sells, the average amount you’ll make each transaction is more than $140.

This is a relatively niche software product, but it is also in high demand.

URL: Forex Trendy affiliate program

Commission:  75%

Gravity: 28.93

Cookie duration: 60 days

3. In The Money Stocks

Gareth Soloway and Nicholas Santiago, two expert traders, created In The Money Stocks.

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They’ve spent the last 13 years using their PPT Methodology to help foreign exchange traders generate consistent money from their transactions.

What distinguishes them from the competition?

They created their own own trade alert software, so they’re not just slapping a facelift on Meta Trader 4, for example.

They also claim to have a 94 percent forecast success rate.

That is what has given them a household brand among traders both experienced and inexperienced.

Visitors to the website can also sign up for free trade ideas through email.

This is clearly lead generation for them, but it might also be beneficial when pushing people to click on your affiliate links.

And, since we’re on the subject of affiliate links, how much money does a Forex affiliate make when someone registers up for one of the courses on offer?

You’ll earn $21 each transaction based on their average order value.

That’s not too shabby.

However, if you sell one of their high-end goods, the fee might rise to almost $200 per transaction.

URL: In the Money Stocks affiliate program

Commission:  30%

EPC:  $114.34

Cookie duration: 90 days

4. FPM Global

FPM Global, a Forex affiliate marketing network, is something a little unusual.

For one, you get to find a variety of financial services under one digital roof.

And, of course, at least one Forex program — ForexClub – is included.

Signing up with an affiliate network like FPM Global rather than a standard Forex affiliate scheme offers a few advantages.

The first of these is consistency.

The other factor is the cash resources available to attract affiliates to promote their offerings.

As an example, you could be able to offer up to US$1,200 per sale.

There aren’t many programs that pay affiliates at this level.

URL: FPM Global affiliate network

Commission:  Varies

EPC:  Varies

Cookie duration: Varies

5. Forex Mentor

Having a mentor may help you significantly enhance your abilities in both professional and personal situations.

For example, learning how to trade currency pairings.

Forex Mentor was founded in 2003 in response to a flood of disinformation around this investing concept.

To cut a long tale short, individuals were being deceived.

And when it comes to Forex trading, this has resulted in significant sums of money being lost by investors and traders.

Something had to change, so Peter Bain developed a Forex training program for newcomers.

With Forex Mentor, you’re not simply getting advice from some random man, but from a team of Forex experts.

That means the information and advice you receive are based on decades of combined expertise in this field.

As of today, this coaching team has educated over 25,000 traders, indicating that they are clearly doing something correctly.

So, how does this scheme appear to a prospective Forex affiliate?

You’ll get 30% of all referred sales, or about $10 each transaction.

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Because this is a little sum of money, you will need to advertise other initiatives in addition to this one.

URL: Forex Mentor affiliate program

Commission:  30% per sale

EPC:  $6.40

Cookie duration: 60 days

6. Infinite Profit System

The Infinite Profit System is a Tradeology product that builds on the success of earlier Tradeology programs and systems.

What you essentially receive is a trading and training program based on signals — it is neither a Forex broker or a trading platform.

The program analyzes each currency pair and then generates indications indicating the best moment to purchase or sell.

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t simply another bot or “automation” method — you must execute the transactions manually.

This product is geared primarily at beginners, but the advantage is that your visitors do not need any prior knowledge of currency trading to get started.

Furthermore, there are training videos that demonstrate how to use MetaTrader 4, so no prior experience is necessary.

You also get assistance from Monday to Saturday and weekly webinars to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the Forex markets.

As of the time of writing, advertising this Forex affiliate marketing offer will earn you an average of $31 per transaction.

With the launch of their new product (by the time you read this), their compensation structure will have changed to pay 50% per referral.

This amounts to a $249 average payment per sale for you.

URL: Infinite Profit System affiliate program

Commission:  43%

Gravity: 35.75

Cookie duration: 60 days

7. Ticker Tocker

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a social network for Forex traders?

One in which you may obtain real-time trading suggestions while simultaneously improving your abilities and learning new methods.

Ticker Tocker has won a plethora of accolades for being one of the greatest and most creative fintech businesses in recent years.

It’s also registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, so there can’t be any shady dealings going on behind the scenes.

And the best thing is that it is appropriate for traders of all levels, from total beginners to those who trade for a livelihood.

Ticker Tocker is also available as an app for iOS and Android smartphones, allowing you to take your Forex trading on the go.

So, how does Ticker Tocker compare to the other affiliate programs featured here, Forex affiliates?

You’ll have a nice 30% commission rate to work with.

You can expect to make $24 per transaction based on their average order value of $82.

They don’t have very high conversion rates, but then again, Forex affiliate marketing is somewhat specialized.

URL: Ticker Tocker affiliate program

Commission:  30% per sale

EPC:  $105.91

Cookie duration: 90 days

8. BlackBull Markets

BlackBull Markets is basically the retail side of an institutional Forex business.

BlackBull Markets is essentially the retail arm of an institutional Forex firm.

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So you’re dealing with an award-winning Forex broker with over a decade of worldwide Forex trading experience.

This also implies that they are regulated, so your money is secure with them.

In terms of what you need to get started, their ‘Standard’ account demands a minimum deposit of US$200, although no commission costs are charged at that level.

They also provide Islamic trading accounts, which broadens your potential audience even more.

Essentially, you receive a collection of premium financial products and services created by Forex industry experts, as well as 24/6 support being part of the package.

This Forex affiliate program has all of the expected features such as a large number of creatives, support for different languages, a specialized affiliate manager, and so on.

They do, however, have a CPA of about $600 for referring a new client.

This sum is obviously only paid to VIP level clients, but it gives you an idea of the type of cash you may earn as a Forex affiliate.

URL: BlackBull Markets affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $600 per sale


Cookie duration: TBC

9. AVA Trade

Forex trading is divided into two categories: retail and institutional.

The latter is what goes on behind the closed doors of large Forex brokers.

The latter is what your target audience is searching for: a broker who works with the general public.

Ava Trade has been providing this service since 2009.

Since then, they’ve expanded to service over 200,000 users and do 2 million deals every month.

In terms of technology, you may choose between Meta Trader 4, Sharp Trader, and the well-known DupliTrade.

What drew my attention to them was the amount of information they provide prospective consumers – their website is essentially a Forex trading lesson.

However, they also have a dedicated education site with a plethora of instructional videos that demonstrate how trading in currency pairs works in practice.

As an affiliate, it’s a good idea to be somewhat cynical.

Forex affiliate schemes can employ appropriately ambiguous wording to seem nice while offering nothing.

Ava Trade, on the other hand, is unapologetic in this respect.

They begin by stating that they have paid over US$250 million in commission to affiliates and partners since 2009.

Because the only thing that a typical Forex affiliate cares about is how much money they can make.

URL: AvaPartner affiliate program

Commission:  Varies


Cookie duration: TBC


That takes us to the end of our list of the 10 unique Forex affiliate programs every newbie should know

Some of the programs we assessed were comically awful.

Others were plainly deceptive.

So what we’re sharing with you are the most unique of what’s out there right now.

As you can see, there is a lot of money to be made with these affiliate programs, especially when it comes to marketing Forex brokers.

Yes, this is a competitive niche, but they are generally the most profitable.

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