9 States With the Highest Electric Vehicle Fees

With so many drivers seeking to reduce their environmental impact and save money on gas, electric vehicles (EVs) have become more popular than ever across the United States. However, some states have implemented additional fees specifically targeting EV owners, making it more expensive to own an electric car in these parts of the country. The fees are paid whenever you register an EV for the first time, or renew your EV registration.

The rationale given for singling out eco-friendly vehicles is that, unlike traditional vehicles, electric cars do not contribute to the state’s highway fund via gas taxes. So these fees are intended to make up for lost gas tax revenue that helps pay for road maintenance and construction. No matter the justification, if you drive an eEV in one of the following nine states, prepare to pay more than other motorists each year for the privilege of driving emission-free.

1. Alabama

In 2019, Alabama implemented a law charging EV owners an extra $200 each year when registering their car. This is on top of the normal registration fees all vehicle owners must pay. For plug-in hybrids, the fee is less, at $100 annually. 

2. Arkansas

Arkansas also requires EV owners to pay an additional $200 annual registration fee. This is a flat fee applied to all EVs, no matter their size or weight. Plug-in hybrids get a discount rate of just $100 extra per year and for other hybrids, the fee is $50 per year. 

3. Ohio 

The cost of registering an EV in Ohio also comes with a steep $200 fee, while hybrid drivers are charged an additional $100 annually. 

4. West Virginia

If you drive an EV in West Virginia, add an additional $200 fee onto the standard registration fee. Meanwhile, for hybrids, the annual charge is $100 over the standard fee.

5. Michigan

Michigan uses a weight-based system for its electric vehicle fees. Heavier EVs over 8,000 pounds are charged an extra $240 per year, while lighter models pay a $140 fee.

Plug-in hybrids in Michigan also pay depending on weight, either $50 or $120 annually on top of the standard registration costs.

6. Georgia

Georgia automatically adjusts its EV fees each year based on a formula involving fuel efficiency data published by the U.S. Department of Energy. 

In 2023, EV owners in Georgia paid an extra fee of $210.87. Plug-in hybrids are spared this additional cost.

7. Washington

The state of Washington charges EV owners two separate fees that together add an extra $225 to annual registration costs.

First is a $150 “electric car fee” that presumably makes up for lost gas tax revenue. On top of this is a $75 “transportation electrification” fee.

8. Texas

Texas passed a law in 2023 that hits electric vehicle owners hard by charging an extra $400 fee at the time of initial registration. After that first year, there is an additional $200 fee each year. 

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