8 more PILOT startups embark on global journey

The eighth period of Turkey’s leading information and communication technologies company Türk Telekom’s PILOT venture acceleration program has produced new startup graduates.

Based in multiple areas, including crypto exchanges, artificial intelligence (AI), fintech, health, big data and the internet of things (IoT), the eight startups have taken their first steps on their global journey.

Türk Telekom, whose PILOT program is Turkey’s first corporate startup acceleration program and was launched in 2013, continues to raise technology-oriented startups.

The eight startups took the stage at PILOT Demo Day, which was held online for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began.

The graduation ceremony took place on Nov. 25. Each of the startups was granted TL 150,000 ($19,000) in cash support.

TL 5 million in support

“Türk Telekom has undertaken a very important mission on the way it set out to expand the entrepreneurship ecosystem in our country and to bring valuable stakeholders to our industry,” Türk Telekom CEO Ümit Önal said in his speech at the event.

The PILOT program has produced 73 graduate startups so far, 30 of which have raised their innovative business ideas by receiving investments, Önal said.

“Some 350 people were employed last year alone, achieving a turnover of TL 41 million. As Türk Telekom, we invested in four startups, including PILOT graduates, through our corporate venture capital company TT Ventures. We have provided more than TL 5 million in cash support to PILOT graduate startups, and we will further increase our investments,” he noted.

Önal stressed that seven years ago, they embarked on a journey with the goal of expanding the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey, bringing valuable stakeholders to the industry and contributing to the economy.

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“As the pioneer of the industry, with all our knowledge and financial support, we focused on achieving the position of a technology-exporting country while accelerating initiatives,” he said.

  • CryptoIndexSeries: Data analysis ready for cryptocurrencies

CryptoIndexSeriesTM is a cryptocurrency platform that allows individual and corporate users to analyze cryptocurrency data with its advanced version CISTrader, as well as make purchases and conduct sales from wallets in different exchanges.

CryptoIndexSeriesTM collects and classifies cryptocurrency data from numerous sources, creates many indicators and reports such as indices, news sentiment analysis, sectoral content and technical features using AI, and creates meaningful crypto data analysis for investors to make better decisions.

In addition to this analysis, CISTrader provides the user with the opportunity to buy and sell from wallets in different exchanges, while providing the data and indicators it produces to fund managers, financial software companies and data providers through APIs. https://cryptoindexseries.com

  • Hevi AI: Early warning system for strokes

Hevi AI is an early warning system that detects the presence of stroke with AI in computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations taken under emergency conditions with the hStroke product.

Hevi AI automatically detects the presence of a stroke with a sensitivity of 99% and sends a warning to the physician within one minute, accelerating the diagnosis of physicians and increasing the chances of patients receiving treatment. http://hevi.ai

  • PDAccess: Cybersecurity solution for the cloud

PDAccess is a cybersecurity software that enables organizations to use their cloud infrastructures in a secure, agile and compatible manner.

It records all kinds of activities performed in the cloud structure of the institutions, acting as a corporate memory, enforces security policies and provides identity management. https://www.pdaccess.com

  • ProcessEye Studio: Quality control with AI

ProcessEye Studio is a software as a service (SaaS) production and quality control solution that enables manufacturing companies to develop AI-based image processing systems.

With ProcessEye Studio, companies can improve their production processes, improve their quality control processes and integrate them into their own systems without having any software or coding knowledge to reduce production costs. www.proceye.com

  • Qubitro: IoT platform solution

Qubitro is a high-performance SaaS IoT platform that enables developers and institutions to produce smart solutions by collecting data from any device without the need for infrastructure setup and coding.

Qubitro offers its users monitoring, inter-device communication and integration with different platforms. Institutions can also sell their own branded apps using Qubitro’s application programming interfaces (APIs). www.qubitro.com

  • Resardis: Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange solution

Resardis draws attention with its sidechain-based decentralized cryptocurrency exchange solution that enables cryptocurrency investors to trade cryptocurrencies on the web.

Resardis offers a cryptocurrency trading experience for cryptocurrency investors on a user-friendly platform with a secure, fast and scalable front with the use of a side chain, with blockchain technology, and does not require technical knowledge. https://www.resardis.com/

  • Sanction Scanner: Security that captures incomes of criminals

Sanction Scanner is a security and compliance solution that enables organizations to prevent crime revenues thanks to its AI and deep learning infrastructure in accordance with all world regulations.

With Sanction Scanner, law enforcement organizations can instantly monitor crime revenues, track terrorist financing and detect other related crimes in accordance with corporate policies and procedures. It also provides a cost advantage with the licensing model and can be integrated quickly and easily with the use of web, batch and API. https://sanctionscanner.com/

  • Syntonym: KVKK compatible visual memory

Syntonym protects the privacy of individuals by anonymizing the data held by organizations that process and store visual data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU and Turkey’s Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK), while ensuring that the data can be processed, shared and used as AI training data without the need for explicit consent.

Syntonym irreversibly replaces existing faces, which are biometric data, in pictures and videos with synthetic faces that never existed, preserving analytical metrics such as age, gender, head position and facial expressions, unlike traditional methods. This anonymization, which is done without deterioration, not only increases the accuracy and reliability of AI algorithms but also enables advanced data analysis. https://syntonym.com/


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