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8 Best Prehistoric Video Games, Ranked

There is a game for every type of player and now even fans of the Prehistoric period fan find impressive and visually stunning great RPG games and other fun video games. These games are all set in the Prehistoric era and let their players battle dinosaurs and gigantic mammoths in immersive worlds.

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Gamers can choose from a wide variety of fun indie games, and vintage games as well as more complex games for high-fantasy lovers set in the prehistoric era. Since these games are still fairly rare they provide a unique viewpoint, have one-of-a-kind stories, creatures, and entertaining and often breathtaking visuals no other game can provide.

8 Bonk’s Adventure

Bonk’s Adventure is one of the most fun Prehistoric retro video games from 1989 where players get to control a large-headed caveman named Bonk. It’s a 2D platform game with a nostalgic box design, but it has charming creatures and vibrant colors.

Players will have to save Princess Za after Drool, the evil King kidnaped her. As players go on their journey to save the pink reptile princess they’ll have to keep banging their heads against enemies or jump over them and avoid traps.

7 Stone Rage

Stone Rage is an early access survival indie game that’s perfect for casual RPG gamers who are looking for something new that’s set in the prehistoric era. In this open-world game, players get to explore a waste prehistoric landscape filled with dangerous animals and other enemies.

Gamers will get to control Cro-Magnon a Neanderthal and will be able to shape-shift into various animals. Other than fighting off prehistoric beasts players will have to make new friends and fight for scarce resources to stay alive in an almost uninhabitable climate.

6 E.V.O.: Search for Eden

E.V.O.: Search for Eden is an RPG adventure side-scrolling retro video game perfect for those who love nostalgic playtime and have patience for games that require time. Other than that it’s a pretty entertaining game where players have to progress through five eras while evolving organisms and animals.

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This retro prehistoric video game has good graphics, fun music, and a great myths-inspired story about life’s evolution on Earth. Players have to go on a difficult journey of evolving from a tiny fish to a mighty human while dealing with various threats and even beating some strong bosses.

5 Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown is one of the cutest but still challenging movie-based games and just like the movie it’s kind of a family game and is entertaining for adults and kids alike who love cute games with great stories.

Players can meet their favorite Ice Age characters again while seeing their world through the eyes of Scrat who’s still searching for more acorns while trying to survive the oncoming flood. Players will have to overcome various obstacles on land and water while keeping Scrat alive and collecting the acorns. Players can explore a wide variety of mini-games too including Sid’s supper fun slippery sloth slide.

4 Saurian

Saurian is one of the most exciting early access prehistoric games for dinosaur lovers. So far, gamers can choose from two playable dinos the Dakotaraptor and Triceratops, but more playable dinosaurs are going to be added in the future. This survival simulation open-world game lets players experience what life was like for dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

This visually beautiful game is also educational since the game was created with the help of professional paleontologists who make sure that everything in the game is scientifically accurate. Players will start when their dino is hatching from an egg and will have to survive until it reaches adulthood. Gamers have to avoid dangerous predators and natural hazards of the Hell Creek ecosystem.

3 Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is one of the best survival games that’s perfect for prehistory lovers too. This stunning and educational third-person open-world game lets players explore a wondrous world where they have to be responsible for human evolution.

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Players have to grow and help their clan survive and evolve through eight million years. Through beautiful scenery, players have to hunt, defeat enemies, and explore the wast land. While players can’t evolve their hominids into humans it’s still an exciting and breathtaking game that’s just as entertaining as it is informational.

2 Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man is the most entertaining prehistoric survival and city-building video game right now. It’s a visually beautiful game that’s slow-paced and gives its players enough time to just relax and enjoy the environment. Players start in the Stone Age and have to learn how to hunt, gather, survive through winter, trade, and grow their settlement to eventually reach Iron Age.

As players go through the more than ten thousand years of human prehistory they’ll get to build some of the most beautiful ancient human settlements while earning knowledge points whenever they achieve milestones.

1 Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal is one of the best adventure games for adults who love immersive open-world games that are just as brutal as entertaining. It’s a tense game that’s filled with memorable characters, and gorgeous environments, and has a well-written story. Players will get to control Takkar who starts out as an unarmed hunter.

Through several bloody battles with massive beasts and by using his animal taming skills, Takkar can become a leader of a tribe. It’s a violent game for sure, but it’s also visually stunning and a historically accurate one where the tools and weapons match the Mesolithic era.

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