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7 Online Video Editing Tools that use Artificial Intelligence

The latest AI-powered cameras are clicking high-end pictures and help in face recognition in pictures and videos. In addition, the same application has found benefits in ease of video editing.

From scanning text scripts to recognizing faces on videos, it can match the elements and automate the video editing task. If you have to do this daily, it is better to choose software that is artificial intelligence or AI-powered. The list below would help you go for the right one and make the most of it for editing purposes.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

When searching for an efficient video editor that is powdered on artificial intelligence, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a suitable option to try. The main idea of adding the feature of AI is to make video editing less challenging. It would help manage the bulk of video editing easily.

Try to use the latest version of the software for ease of usage. The new AI would automate the repetitive tasks and automatically match the color scheme for every picture you edit.

Moreover, it has a facial recognition tool that helps match with suitable skin tone. If there is background music or dialogue, the software can easily handle the music and adjust it as required. With an advanced level of control features on the application, it can be considered a robust one.

2. Magisto

It is an efficient video marketing tool that AI powers. It is a user-friendly platform where you can upload the content, pick editing style, add the right soundtrack and use the AI-powdered solution that helps analyze video better and edit it. You can optimize the video depending on its requirement and the audience of the video.

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You can use real-time analytics that would help understand the audience’s behavior and get information and what viewers value the most. Depending on this, you can create the best marketing video. You also get to know why the viewers have stopped watching the video and understand where you need to improve.

3. InVideo

If you wish to edit your video with the best professional touch with an online video editing tool, taking it to the next level is none other than InVideo. Here, you make the most of visual design and pick the right one for your video.

While working on this online video editor, you can correct any technical mistakes and give the best layout and design to the video. This would be perfect for getting a cutting-edged effect to the video and take it to the next level.

4. Rawshorts 

It is an online video creation and editing tool that has AI features installed in it. It would be the perfect option to try, from handling script text to the auto compilation of videos and editing it, giving a professional touch. It would save countless hours of video editing, and you can handle bulk editing quickly, giving a professional touch to each of them.

5. Lumen 5

The video editing tool is incorporated with AI that eases the workflow and helps you edit videos in bulk without making them tedious. Here, you can upload video content with its script. With the best use of machine learning, it would be easy to edit the video using this platform.

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From checking text position to calculating the composition of the media file in the video, the use of the latest software will help in ease of file editing.

Moreover, the editor that is AI-powered automates the editing process and helps to speed it up. It is mainly due to the benefit of artificial intelligence.

Even if you need any media content, including audio or video, and you do not have it, you can get it from the software library. There is a branding option like choosing a particular brand color, trademark, and specific font choice for your brand recognition.

6. QuickStories

When looking for the best AI-powered video editing platform, this is the smartest solution to opt for. If you want to give the best shape to videos and take it to the next level, this platform is perfect to choose from.

You can transfer the video and start editing it with ease without the need to compromise on the quality of the video or audio footage captured on GoPro or other devices. The video and the captured pictured can be easily elevated to the next level with the best editing feature on this platform.

Try to use its latest version to be able to get hands-on the features that make editing a hassle-free task. From using the right color to intelligent tagging, software AI-powered is easy to use and helps with advanced editing options.

7. VideoCreek

It is a feature-packed and intuitive video editing platform that simplifies video editing solutions. The interface is easy to use and has advanced feature options to use. The platform is easy to use and, therefore, perfect for beginners and experts.

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This is one of the fastest tool options to create and edit videos using some simple steps. You do not require detailed technical knowledge before using the tool.

If you are determined about the modification you want in the video, you can easily edit it with the help of the latest video software. In addition, the pre-existing templates are a practical option with a library of huge media content to pick from.

The Final Part

Whichever tool you choose, it should be available in its latest version for ease of use and get hands-on latest features in it. Get the best one now that would help in ease of editing and giving a professional touch to the video.

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