7 free GIMP scripts and plug-ins for filters, brushes, textures and more

The free and open source photo-editing program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a nice alternative to the subscription-based or boxed versions of its competition (including PhotoShop). Whether you’re a beginner with GIMP or a seasoned pro, there’s lots to love.

Some of GIMP’s greatest assets are the plugins and scripts created by numerous independent programmers. At one time, there was a massive collection called the GIMP Plugin Registry, but that resource is no longer available. Consequently, you must search the Internet for GIMP plug-ins and scripts.

To start you on the right track, we’ve selected our favorite plugins and scripts for you to try, with a brief description of each, and a link to the resource location. First; however, we should explain the complicated process of how to install these treasures and where to find them on the GIMP menus.

How to install and use GIMP plugins

Notice that plugins in GIMP are called plugins and scripts. Scripts (Script-Fu) have .scm extensions, while Python-Fu scripts have .py extensions. The .scm extensions are copied into the Gimp scripts directory, while the .py extensions are copied into the Gimp plugins directory.

The complicated part is determining where your system copies these files. The easiest way to find out is to access the Edit > Preferences > Folders > Plug-ins or Edit > Preferences > Folders > Scripts path information from the GIMP menus. Notice there are two folders listed:

A. For 2.10 Scripts – C:UsersYour User Folder NameAppDataRoamingGIMP2.10Scripts

B. For 2.8 Scripts – C:Program FilesGIMP 2Share2.0Scripts

C. For 2.10 Plug-ins – C:UsersYour User Folder NameAppDataRoamingGIMP2.10Plug-ins



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