50 sport video games that made us – what you loved & what we missed

Was leaving Mario Golf off our list a massive bogey?

From vintage classics to slick modern productions, our list of the 50 sport video games that made us certainly stirred some conversation.

Some selections proved widely popular, while others failed to live up to their billing.

There were plenty that sparked debate and many of you joined in to recommend others that hadn’t made the list.

If you missed it, have a read here to see which games BBC Sport journalists included on the list.

Give the ones you like a thumb up and those you don’t a thumb down, then why not jump on Twitter and tell us why – just #mybestsportvideogame.

But, virtual drum roll please, here are the titles BBC Sport users chose as their favourites.

Colin McRae Rally

A surprise entry in the top three, especially as it only just crept on to our list – but what do we know…

A giant of a racing game that got you hammering down the thumb-up button like the accelerator on McRae’s trademark Subaru Impreza.

The dirt-thirsty classic was the most popular racing game, pipping the also-loved Mario Kart, Destruction Derby, Gran Turismo and retro favourite Micro Machines to that particular virtual title.

Football Manager

Both Football Manager games proved incredibly popular but it was the modern version that just edged it in your eyes.

The long-running management simulation powerhouse has impacted on lots of gamers’ lives since its release in 1992, when it began life as Championship Manager.

Plenty of you recalled your favourite saves from the game’s iconic iterations over the years, with the early noughties titles among the favourites.

Kevin Toms’ original 80s version also appeared to evoke plenty of fond memories.


In the long-running battle of the footballing heavyweights it was Fifa which ran out a comfortable winner in the end.

The consensus from BBC Sport users seemed to be that Pro Evolution produced some memorable instalments – namely PES 6 – but Fifa consistently hit the spot.

The more recent editions of the game proved particularly popular but there was also a lot of love for classic titles such as Road to World Cup ’98.

All the football games on our list did well, with vintage offerings Sensible World or Soccer and Actua Soccer obviously tugging on the nostalgia strings.

Honourable mentions: Brian Lara Cricket, California Games, Tony Hawk’s.

‘But what about…’ – the video games that were snubbed

Don’t hate the player, hate the game – or the lack of it, in this case.

Our list certainly sparked some conversation, and you were quick to tell us which classic titles you thought should have made the cut.

To make amends, here are some of the most popular omissions you mentioned on #mybestsportvideogame.

LMA Manager, Codemasters (1999-2007)

A football management simulation with a difference, where most of the fun lay in building your own stadium – think part Wembley, part San Siro, part Bootham Crescent – and creating your own lookalike manager.

Some versions featured post-game analysis from Alan Hansen and Gary Lineker, with Barry Davies on commentary.

Various challenges gave this more of an arcade feel than some of its rivals at the time.

This title just edged Premier Manager to make the reserve list.

What you said…

Benjamin Watts: LMA is the best. I recently bought the last version they made, 2006/07. I’m into the 2013/14 season on my save…

Ryan Brown: LMA manager 100%, wish they’d never stopped making it.

Platforms: PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC.

Mario Golf, Nintendo (1999)

Mario and his mates have been buddying up with gamers for decades, so it is no surprise to see the dungaree-sporting virtual legend generating some debate.

With Mario Kart already on the list, you also wanted to see this golf title make the cut – a fun-loving, albeit sometimes infuriating alternative, to the likes of Tiger Woods.

Nintendo gave the game a makeover when they released Mario Golf: World Tour on the DS in 2014.

Super Mario Strikers on the GameCube was another popular title to not make the initial 50, as well as Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

What you said…

Will Nash: Devastated that Mario Golf didn’t make the cut!

Chris Battle: Mario Golf also on the n64 would be up there. Using the square grids to judge the contours of the green and also loads of maths involved when you’re in the rough and you know your ball may only travel 80% of it’s full power!

Matthew Talbot: Mario Strikers Football. It may not be the most popular or realistic version of the sport, but where else can Mario hit six goals in one shot to win the cup with a team of his most notable side characters. A perfect blend of video game and sport.

Platforms: Nintendo 64, Game Boy Colour.

Others you wanted to see…

Goal! (Jaleco, 1988, Nes/Game Boy)

GP500 (Hasbro Interactive, 1999, PC)

Hit The Ice (Taito, 1990, arcade/Snes/Mega Drive/Game Boy)

Leader Board (US Gold, 1986, various platforms)


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