5 Silly Reasons To Buy A Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt Or Any Electric Vehicle

Had the urge to go electric but couldn’t pull the trigger?

Consider this: an electric car is practically maintenance free. That’s one of the silly* arguments I (try to) make to non-believers.

Here are five reasons to consider an electric vehicle that aren’t just the ravings of a mad EV evangelist:

(1) Low maintenance. That’s certainly been my experience since going electric in 2013. Or to cite a source more authoritative than myself: “Most EVs have lower maintenance costs because they have fewer and simpler components and don’t require oil changes.” (Consumer Reports).

(2) EVs have overall lower ‘fuel’ costs. I have two EVs in my garage. On average, I save hundreds of dollars a month compared to the gas cars I used to drive.

Of course, it depends on the individual case but this is what the U.S. Energy Department says: “On a national average, it costs less than half as much to travel the same distance in an EV than a conventional vehicle. In addition, some utilities offer even cheaper rates at night, which can further reduce your electricity costs.”

And for the relative few that have a home solar system, “fuel” costs can potentially be completely eliminated.

(3) No more gas stations/charging at home is bliss. Like many, if not most, EV owners, I do most of my charging at home. Come home, plug in my EV and it’s ‘fueled up’ by morning. For me, this bliss is the biggest reason I could never go ICE again.

(4) EVs are quiet: this is the most immediate positive reaction I’ve witnessed when a person first rides in an EV. See this popular YouTube video at the 2:15 mark. I’ve witnessed many similar reactions.

(5) EVs provide instant acceleration, making them extremely satisfying to drive. EVs are also good on steep grades (e.g., going up mountains). One thing I consistently notice when driving out of Santa Clarita, Calif. on Route 5 and over Whitaker Summit (about 3,000 feet) is how my Chevy Bolt doesn’t miss a beat going up the mountain but gas cars invariably fall behind as they struggle to get up the steep grade.

Not to mention the fact that an EV can regenerate energy going down the other side.

See other good** reasons to get an EV here.



*That perfectly embodies how I feel after explaining EVs for the umpteenth time to the indifferent or unconvinced.

**Probably the biggest single argument against electric cars to date has been price. But that’s changing pretty rapidly for the better.


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