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5 Budget-Friendly Vans for Work Use

Vans are designed to be comfortable, practical, and get the job done. From carrying heavy loads and making deliveries to transporting goods – there’s not much these vans cant help with. 

We have found some of the most popular vehicles to make your workday a breeze! You can look for low-cost van leases or purchase one yourself.

5 Budget-Friendly Vans for Work Use

Top 5 vans

Toyota Hiace

The Hiace has dominated the market for ages, the technology is convenient, and the vehicle is safe, there’s a solid variety of powerful petrol and torquey diesel drivetrains. And the loaded performance is impressive through the suspension and powertrain.

The vehicle can on a big load and hardly break a sweat as it stays comfortable and stable, and is also straightforward to use. It is no wonder that they are Australia’s favourite.

The petrol engine is the most affordable option, but the Hiace remains reasonably priced even with upgraded features and specs. The vehicle has dual sliding doors and a one-piece lift-up tailgate to make loading the car easier.

It has a 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and six-speed automatic transmission. The interior can be customised to suit your working needs; you can add internal mounts, side racks, and more.

The only downside is that it could do with more cabin storage, and the visibility around the A-pillar can be challenging.

 Peugeot Expert

The Peugeot Expert is a favourite due to its fuel-efficient and modern powertrain with eight ratios. It also has an unflustered and torquey diesel V8 engine with a very smooth-riding suspension when on the road.

It has good unladen and laden performance and comes with an extensive safety kit. The vehicle is a long or short option. The short option has a 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engine making 110kW and 370Nm, and a ‘150HDI’ automatic drivetrain.

The expert long is available with a much more powerful 130kW/400Nm. The interior looks good and is practical, with loads of storage space for all of your gear. The van can take loads up to 1139kg.

It is also affordable when it comes to maintenance and servicing. The only downside is that the engine loses performance when the car is fully laden, and there aren’t too many body and powertrain options.

Renault Trafic

The Renault Traffic has a fantastic drive experience, the cabin is comfortable and has quality fits, and the engine and gearbox combine well. 

It has a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and is one of the most powerful in the range. The interior is spacious and has loads of storage space. The vehicle has a payload of 1216kg and a towing capacity of 1715kg.

The Renault Trafic is well-equipped for challenging work from loading, delivering, and storing. The only downside is that the safety features could be more up to standard.

Volkswagen Transporter

The Volkswagen is fantastic, it comes in several styles and sizes, so there’s something for every job and everyone’s needs. The powertrains are efficient, punchy, and modern. And the ride and steering are great and balanced.

You can choose from long and short- wheelbase bodies, automatic and manual, and cab-chassis and crew van options. The van can be customised in multiple ways, from door and window options to interior trims.

The interior is practical and spacious, and the drive is excellent. The cargo capacity is 5.8 cubic metres, and it has a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel engine.

The only downside is the Low tow ball load capacity.

Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom performs very well, has tons of safety features, and is spacious and practical. The vehicle drives comfortably, even with heavier loads, and the steering is light.

There is ample storage space. It has a 2.0-litre single-turbo diesel four-cylinder engine and 136kW/405Nm. This vehicle is one of the more expensive vehicles on this list, but the way it drives, the storage space, and the specs make it worth the cost.

The vehicle has tons of options for customisation, so you can design it to perfectly suit the job it’s going to be doing, meaning that you will have an efficient and practical van working for and with you.

The visibility is fantastic, and manoeuvring is fast and simple due to the reverse-view camera. The only downsides are that the ride quality can be somewhat jittery and has a Lower braked towing capacity.

Final Thoughts 

Finding the right van for the job can be challenging. There are loads of factors to consider, and it needs to be affordable. Luckily there are tons of reliable options to choose from, and they all offer something different – so there is something in the market for everyone!

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