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4 Strategies to Create a Productive and Space-Efficient Office

4 Strategies to Create a Productive and Space-Efficient Office

As businesses across the UK return to in-person operations in the wake of the pandemic, creating a productive office environment is more important than ever.

However, it’s not always easy – especially if you’re hitting space limitations on your premises.

Here are four straightforward strategies to boost your space use efficiency and team productivity.

1. Analyse Occupancy and Rethink Distribution

To start with, analyse your office’s occupancy. How many people are on-site at the same time on a typical work day? How many are there during peak times? Is that number lower than pre-pandemic because you’re retaining a partial work-from-home policy?

These calculations will allow you to track how many individual workspaces you actually need to provide for your team.

Once you have pinpointed this metric, you can distribute workspaces optimally across your office.

By not clustering all desks together in the same part of the office, for instance, you can provide a calmer environment for individual team members. A more spaced-out layout also encourages people to get up and move during their work day, increasing physical well-being.

2. Consider Expanding Your Space with a Mezzanine

Another avenue to pursue in the quest for additional space is the addition of structural elements such as ceiling storage or mezzanines.

Adding a mezzanine floor can instantly double the square footage of a room. It is also fairly straightforward since mezzanines are structurally independent.

Western Industrial, a UK-based mezzanine construction specialist, outlines the process of adding a mezzanine to office buildings: “We offer a free consultation to assess our clients’ needs and recommend the best options for their space. We then work closely with them, discussing their mezzanine application, deciding on materials, column grid and site conditions for installation. Our aim is to provide clients with the best solution that will also comply with all fire, safety and building regulations legislation.”

3. Add Space-Efficient Office Greenery

Countless studies have highlighted the positive effects of plants on the mental and physical health of team members. But adding plants can be space-intensive.

While individual potted plants perched on desks encroach on productive space, large greenery additions such as monsteras and ficus trees can take up the space of an entire team member.

A space-efficient alternative are vertical gardens. Here, plants are stacked along a wall of your office building. They offer the same benefits to your team members but take up only a fraction of the space.

4. Invest in Smart Furniture

Finally, one way to increase both your team members’ productivity and your space efficiency is to invest in smart furniture.

Ergonomic desks and chairs can help reduce issues such as back and knee aches, thus increasing people’s focus.

And convertible furniture makes it easy to save space by offering foldable elements. These can be harnessed for tasks that take a lot of room, but stay tucked away for the rest of the time.  


Providing your team with a pleasant office environment is crucial. Making sure they have enough space is part of that. By following the strategies above, you’ll be able to increase both your space use efficiency and your overall team productivity.

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