4 Developments that will Revolutionise Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is one of the most significant technological advancements and continues to grow and develop as we speak. The fact that it is accessible to literally everyone who has a smartphone (which makes up most of the population) makes it truly one of a kind with plenty of target audiences to reach and impress.

No need to go out and buy a specific console or a particular PC part in order to elevate your gaming experience! Now more than ever, mobile gaming is making the same leaps and strides that you’d previously only expected to see through PC and consoles. However, many of the gaming industry and other sectors of tech have started to realise just how vital and essential mobile gaming is as well and have begun to create two things. Smartphones that can run high-powered software without any issues, and on the other side, have begun pushing out the same software updates that are optimised for mobile gaming. So whether it’s picking up your favourite game where you left off thanks to cloud gaming or whether one of your resolutions this year is to spend more time with friends, even if that’s in a virtual setting such as online slots UK, you’d be surprised at just how much your mobile phone is capable of running. To read more about the essential developments that will truly revolutionise mobile gaming in the very near future, keep reading below!

1. Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is something that you might have heard of being used primarily for console gaming, but it’s something that we predict becoming a mainstream feature for mobile gaming as well within the upcoming year.

Previously perhaps an essential for hardcore gamers, it’s a feature that’ll come in handy for even the most casual of gamers, given how big of a necessity portability has become for everyone. Perhaps more significant for work purposes previously, it’s now filtering into gaming and entertainment purposes as well and is helping more and more people become interested in games.

The functionality of being able to completely pause a game on one device and be able to pick it up on a whole other device with practically no disruptions or having to play from a specific load point is an impressive advancement and is one that we think will encourage people to keep up with gaming. You could be playing Fortnite on your PC one minute and then switch to the mobile game the next minute, thanks to cloud gaming! Improving motor and cognitive skills is just one of the many benefits of gaming, but it will also help with staying connected with friends and family too, and you can turn something an activity such as playing online slots into a weekly activity with a group of friends, all from the comfort of your mobile phone!

2. Seamless Streaming

Another feature to help mobile gaming progress rapidly is the idea of being able to stream others playing your favourite video game straight from your phone. YouTube or Twitch streaming has fostered entire careers for people, meaning that they definitely have a following and interest from people wanting to watch them play.

Thanks to the ever-powerful hardware being released each year, as well as the constant app updates, mobile phones have become more and more efficient at running live-stream videos straight from Youtube or Twitch without any lagging or compromise in the quality of the video, meaning that you can watch your favourite gamer on the go!

3. Gaming in the Metaverse

Metaverse gaming is another trend we expect to see more of in the new year. It’s definitely still in its early stages of development, but we can expect to see it rolling out to more and more individuals thanks to its integration with social media, which again, most if not all of us, already use in our everyday lives.

Metaverse gaming is an extraordinary combination of not only social media with mobile gaming as we mentioned before but also virtual reality gaming, social media marketplaces, and a ton of other integrated features which probably are still in the very early planning stages at this point. But the future of Metaverse gaming is huge and one with unlimited potential. The key factor in this is once again just how accessible it is, and will continue to be for everyone, encouraging more and more people to jump into Metaverse for entertainment and the socialising aspect it brings.

4. Integration of Wearable Tech

While apps like Pokemon Go were the highlight of summer in 2016, thanks to the AR features it showcased, nowadays, the new advancement in mobile gaming comes as a result of apps integrating the wearable tech we already have.

Smartwatches and trackers have also become something that has become a part of our everyday lives, from the simplest of smartwatches that only display numbers to more intricate designs with entire screens on them that allow you to browse the web, check your emails, and even, be able to play games on there. More and more smartwatches (the ones that offer a reasonable screen size at least) have started to push out apps and widgets that allow you to pass the time when you’re on the go to keep yourself occupied and entertained!

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