343 Industries says it has ‘no current plans’ for Halo Wars 2 or a sequel

The immediate future doesn’t look particularly bright for the Halo Wars series after 343 Industries has said it has “no current plans” to add to its 2017 game Halo Wars 2 or to develop a sequel. 

Back in 2019, fans of Halo Wars 2 used a petition to ask that 343 Industries continue support for the game by adding new content, features and making quality of life improvements. 343 Industries responded to say that it was “unable to commit to any future Halo Wars 2 continued development or support” as the team that was bringing the Master Chief Collection to PC was “also the team that helped make Halo Wars 2 a reality” and that “resources that were previously focused on Halo Wars 2 have been pulled over to help support MCC and Halo: Reach development.”


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