13 privacy improvements Apple announced at WWDC

Apple continues to focus on the challenge of providing technology-driven convenience while protecting customer privacy in its upcoming operating system releases. Here are all the privacy-related improvements to expect in iOS 14, macOS 11 and iPad.

Why privacy matters

Fundamentally, the challenge with mobile technologies is the sheer quantity of personal data that can be collected and used against people.

A smartphone, for example, knows when it is picked up, how often, how high, who by, who it is in contact with, which websites you visit and much, much more.

There are entire industries that have grown up dedicated to gathering this information, making it searchable and cross-referencing databases to get not just a picture of how people like you behave, but how you behave.

While some argue that privacy should be set aside because this information is useful to law enforcement, the inconvenient truth is that for every criminal investigation there are likely dozens of instances of weaponized fake news, egregious uses of personal data and criminal attempts to seize documentation, bank details and identity.

When you think about the sheer quantity of personal (and corporate) data held inside every phone it should be clear that this information is personal, powerful – and profitable if hacked.

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