£13 for 100GB a month – these mega cashback SIM only deals can’t be missed

We’ve been talking a lot for the last couple of weeks about Vodafone’s awesome 100GB data SIM only deal that will only cost you £20 per month. It’s exceptional value for an extraordinary amount of data – and we love it.

But now has upped the ante even further by digging around at the back of the sofa and finding a whole bunch of pennies and pounds that it can throw your way as cashback. It takes Vodafone’s SIM only deal and makes it even cheaper.

The best bit is that you get to choose just how much cashback you want to receive – within reason, of course! The showstopper is Mobiles’ £84 reward that brings the effective monthly price down to a mere £13 per month. You do have to claim it back in five instalments over the one-year term by logging on to the retailers website and uploading copies of your bills, but for the bargain SIMO you get it’s only a little bit of pain for a significant gain.

If that sounds like something you can’t be bothered (or will forget) to do, then option two gives you £50 cashback sent your way automatically within 38 working days of signing up. So that’s £50 back in your pocket without even having to claim, resulting in an effective monthly cost of £15.83.

You can take a look at our dedicated SIM only deals guide, but you won’t find a better offer than this in terms of sheer value at the moment.

Vodafone SIM only deal – option 1 with £84 cashback

Vodafone SIM only deal – option 2 with £50 cashback

12-month SIMO on Vodafone from | 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £50 cashback by redemption | Effectively £15.83 per month
Somehow, we just about prefer this deal to the one above. The cashback is worth £34 less, but for that you get it within a month-and-a-half of taking the deal and there’s no need to faff around with redeeming it. Option 2 is our #1.
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