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10 Video Games To Play If You Love Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is one of the original battle shonen franchises, alongside series like Fist of the North Star and Saint Seiya. But while both of those achieved amazing success, Dragon Ball surpassed them, becoming ever more popular as the years go on.

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Dragon Ball is the kind of universe that lends itself to video games, and dozens have been made over the years. Sadly, not all of them have been good, and even fewer of those are from the most recent generation. Still, there are games that manage to capture the feeling of a grand adventure like Dragon Ball, or the absurd power levels of Dragon Ball Z.

10 Naruto Shipuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy Has Absurd Powers On Par With Dragon Ball

Naruto isn’t the same as Dragon Ball Z, but the powers get so absurd it’s not hard to see someone who loves Dragon Ball also falling in love with Naruto.

With the Ultimate Ninja Storm series, CC2 created beautiful games with a cel-shaded style that still looks good even though these games are relatively old now. The best part about these games is how well they tell the story of Naruto. It’s easy to know nothing about the manga and glean much of the story just from enjoying the story modes.

9 One Piece: Odyssey Is A Turn-Based RPG Focused On The Feeling Of Adventure

One Piece: World Seeker was a mess of a title that succeeded at the One Piece look but failed at everything else. One Piece: Odyssey looks to improve on the previous game, starting with new characters designed by Oda himself.

Like World Seeker, Odyssey is meant to emulate One Piece’s look and feel. It also looks like it will be a good game, with plenty of RPG elements for those who miss the time period when anime got more than just fighters. The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s hopefully the adventure One Piece and battle shonen fans have been waiting for.

8 Fairy Tail Focuses On Getting The Guild On Top

The Fairy Tail universe isn’t exactly like Dragon Ball Z, but it’s hard not to see the similarities. The powers of a Dragon Slayer work fairly close to that of a Super Saiyan, right down to having additional power-ups for more dangerous foes.

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The Fairy Tail game from Koei-Tecmo closely emulates what it feels like to exist in the Fairy Tail universe. It begins at the start of the Grand Magic Games, with the team at the very bottom of the guild rankings in Magnolia. Slowly, the heroes have to climb back up by completing quests for the guild and participating in the games themselves.

7 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Tells The Story Of Goku

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot was meant to be the story of Goku, and for better or worse, that’s what the story is. It follows the story of Dragon Ball Z almost exactly, making only the smallest changes to make the series more like a video game.

The combat feels similar to what fans probably imagined the first time they saw Goku go up against Raditz at the beginning of the Saiyan Saga. It’s possible to fly around at hyper-speed, transform into Super Saiyan, and rain down rapid-fire ki blasts on the opponent. The only drawback is that the RPG elements are mostly a sham and characters just level up with the story.

6 God Eater 3 Is A Hack-And-Slash RPG Focusing On Battles Against The Aragami

Bandai-Namco has been working on their God Eater franchise for some time now, and God Eater 3 might be their best one yet. Humanity continues to battle against the threat of the Aragami, with nothing more than the God Eaters to protect them.

But the Aragami have developed the ability to consume God Eaters, making them even more powerful than before. Still, the heroes have the power of the Adaptive God Eaters and continue to fight back as part of the resistance. If fans want to feel powerful with some classic hack-and-slash action RPG combat, this is the game for them.

5 Genshin Impact Is A Grand Adventure Across A Massive World

It’s true, Genshin Impact might not capture the feel of Dragon Ball Z. But it does capture the feeling of Dragon Ball with the protagonist going on an adventure in search of something vital. Looking for their sibling, the Traveler goes from continent to continent, meeting up with powerful gods and helping each new continent with its problems.

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Along the way, the Traveler meets tons of quirky characters with their own powers, some of whom they fight, others they become allies with. Genshin Impact’s combat is also super satisfying; once players get the hang of elemental reactions between characters, they’ll become hooked.

4 Dragon Quest XI’s Characters Are Designed By Dragon Ball’s Creator

The biggest Dragon Ball Z fans will notice an immediate similarity between Dragon Ball and Dragon Quest. Akira Toriyama has served as one of the key designers for Dragon Quest characters for years. Dragon Quest is technically the first console Japanese RPG, an epic story where the party travels across the world to reach their goals.

In Dragon Quest XI, the hero is meant to protect the world tree Yggdrasil, but not everything goes as planned. This game is a must-play for fans of Toriyama’s distinctive art style, and fans of Japanese RPGs in general.

3 Devil May Cry 5 Has The Over The Top Combat DBZ Fans Love

The Devil May Cry franchise vanished for nearly a decade, but fortunately, they managed to bring the series back in 2019. Whether this latest game is the best of the series is up for debate, but it’s still an amazing experience, with the series’ challenging combat making a comeback.

Players can test themselves against all the threats of this new game, both as Dante and Nero, but also as the new character V. While it requires skill, few games make someone feel quite as powerful as Devil May Cry titles.

2 Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Gives Adol A Powerful Transformation To Help Him Against Stronger Monsters

The Ys series has been around for decades, and the most recent one manages to be both welcoming and one of the series’ best. In Monstrum Nox, protagonist Adol is granted new powers as he’s challenged to defeat the monsters within the city of Balduq if he ever wants to leave.

There’s an anime-esque vibe to the series, as Adol has to discover the identities of his partners and fellow Monstrums, and all of them team up to fight against increasingly more dangerous threats. Adol is perhaps one of the closest characters to Goku in gaming. Where Goku wants to travel to fight strong opponents, Adol wants to travel and see and do as many incredible sights as he can.

1 Dragon Ball FighterZ Is The Ultimate Dragon Ball Z Experience

By now, fighting game fans should have already gotten Dragon Ball FighterZ. The game has a massive roster, and while most of those are Goku and Vegeta, there’s still plenty there for Dragon Ball fans. Players can do three-on-threes featuring most of their fan favorites, with plenty of mechanical depth for fans who disliked Dragon Ball’s arena fighters. There’s even tons of additional content like a massive story mode for fans to play through. Basically, there’s no reason not to check this game out, especially since it’s done receiving content. Most fans at this point are just hoping for a sequel to release.

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