10 Times Video Games Ripped You Off

Remember when games were just about having fun? When you could just pop in the disc and that would be it? Oh sure PC RPG’s LOVED introducing expansion packs, but those were basically full games in their own right that just needed this other game you already owned to work. It seems today that such a concept is as dead in the video game industry as game manuals that had actual effort put into them.

Nowadays, it’s sadly common to feel nothing short of ripped off by games you were looking forward to. Oh sure there will come an exception now and then, but that just makes the rule hurt even more. While we likely can’t do anything about it for now, we can at least complain until we’re blue in the mouth.

Narrowing down this list meant leaving off a lot of controversies that we wanted to rail against, but in the end, these ten pissed us off the most. These ten video games ripped off players to line their publishers already expensive pockets.


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